Amazon impresses in ‘Thursday Night Football’ debut, but one glaring issue hinders broadcast

Texans vs. 49ers wasn’t a particularly exciting game, making it the perfect first test for Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” production.

The show featured an eclectic cast of personalities: Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit in the dressing room; Charissa Thompson, Richard Sherman, Tony Gonzalez and Ryan Fitzpatrick on the desk; Kaylee Hartung on the sidelines; and Andrew Whitworth, Taylor Rooks and Michael Smith as contributors and reporters.

While the performers would have clashed slightly, the chemistry and professionalism was sharp, the video quality was superb, and the screen was mostly free of (obligatory) visual clutter.

However, there was one major issue with the transmission: the audio and video were out of sync, and the difference was egregious.

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Sometimes there was a gap of up to three seconds between picture and sound, which is problematic when viewers hear the whistle seconds before the end of a performance.

It was also particularly noticeable when Amazon cut his personalities in the face. Their lips were completely out of sync (and often the next person would start talking while the video was catching up).

Several online viewers appeared to be having trouble with the stream.

Other fans had it more colourful Language used to describe the A/V problems.

Technical glitches aside, however, reviews were mostly positive, with many noting the show’s professionalism given that it was Amazon’s first appearance.

All in all, the debut wasn’t perfect, but Amazon has what it takes to get off to a very good start with Michaels and Herbstreit. If the technical difficulties can be resolved, it’s hard to imagine that his first season as a major NFL carrier will be anything but becomes a success.

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