Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf’s daughter Jaz Elle shows glimpses of her sporting talents

There is no lack of sporting talent in the family of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. Their 19-year-old daughter Jaz Elle, who is the only one among Graf, Agassi and their two children who has not done any sport before, has now also given an insight into her sporting abilities.

With 30 Grand Slam titles and numerous other major titles including Olympic gold medals, Graf and Agassi are true tennis legends. Meanwhile, their 21-year-old son, Jaden Gil, is making good strides as a pro baseball star, having recently founded the Pac-12 all-conference baseball team.

Jaz Elle, a woman of many talents who previously showcased her skills in fashion and dance, also recently showcased her golf skills. Jaz posted a video of herself swinging on the golf course on social media. And her golfing seemed pretty decent at it.

The daughter of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf shows her golf skills (via Instagram).

Jaz’s inspiration to play golf, which is probably still just for fun and recreation as she has shown more interest in pursuing other interests professionally, may have come from the Korda sisters. Jaz is known for being friends with Sebastian Korda, whose sisters Jessica and Nelly are both superstars on the pro golf circuit.

Steffi Graf reveals that she and Andre Agassi “never introduced tennis into their children’s lives so much”.

Steffi Graf with her and Andre Agassi’s daughter Jaz during the 2005 US Open.

Steffi Graf once revealed that she and her husband Andre Agassi never forced tennis on their children but allowed them to find their interests and passions in life. Graf also said that while her son Jaden never really tried tennis and picked up a variety of sports before sticking to baseball, daughter Jaz Elle played some tennis but never found it to be her true calling.

“Jaz plays a little tennis, Jaden not so much,” Graf said in an old interview. “We never introduced tennis into her life that much.”

“They picked other things that surprised us…they love their arts and music. Jaden tried different sports, football and other things and finally ended up in baseball. We encourage their desires and interests,” she added.

Jaz Elle is a trained dancer and has even won numerous hip hop dance competitions over the years. However, she seems to have decided not to pursue dancing as a career and instead is trying her best to pursue a career in the fashion world.

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