ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Get the Pteranodon Saddle

When ARK: Survival Evolved Players don’t join tribes and take chunks from each other with spears, bullets and the teeth of their tamed predators, it can be surprisingly relaxing to take to the skies on the back of one of the game’s many flying dinosaurs and laugh at the warring factions below .

Of course, to ride a dinosaur, the player needs a saddle. This guide will help players unlock and craft a Pteranodon saddle so they can fly off in style.

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Acquired the Pteranodon Saddle Engram

unlocking the saddle

Before players can craft anything useful ARK: Survival Evolved, they must first unlock his engram. Each level up grants upgrades to a player’s many stats and gives access to a new level of engrams that can be unlocked in exchange for engram points.

As each new engram requires at least three engram points to unlock, Players receive multiple engram points per level up. This makes it possible to save some for an engram that hasn’t been unlocked yet, or just ignore those that find them unnecessary. Without cheats, players are unable to unlock every single engram on offer, so it’s best to focus on only grabbing engrams that a player (or their tribe) needs.

To unlock the Pteranodon Saddle, players must Reach level 38 and spend 15 engram points. After that, it can be found in the crafting menu.

manufacture of the saddle

After unlocking his engram, players will find the Pteranodon Saddle in their crafting menu. There they will find that the resources needed to craft are as follows:

  • 75x chitin / keratin
  • 125x fiber
  • 230x Hide

It then takes 10 seconds for the saddle to be added to the player’s inventory and ready for use.

Equipment of the Pteranodon Saddle

Once the Pteranodon Saddle is crafted, players must find and tame a Pteranodon in order to use it. It’s all too easy for a player to accidentally kill a Pteranodon while trying to take it down due to its low health pool, so sneak up on one while resting to hold it back with a bola, or grab it with a few punches followed by a calming arrow are the recommended strategies.

After the Pteranodon has been knocked out, players must do so Add food to his inventory to tame it. Since the Pteranodon is a carnivorous dinosaur, the following meats, in order of appearance, are recommended for a quick taming process:

  1. Normal snack food
  2. Raw mutton
  3. Raw Prime Meat / Raw Prime Fish
  4. Boiled Lamb Chop
  5. Cooked prime meat
  6. Cooked premium fish
  7. Cooked meat
  8. Raw meat
  9. Raw Fish / Cooked Fish

Finally, once the Pteranodon has been tamed, players simply need to access the dinosaur’s inventory and Drag the saddle from your own inventory into the saddle slot. They, they are free to ride.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and more.

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