As the Phase 5 Curse Leads to Threat of Legal Turmoil, a ‘Doctor Strange’ Star Says No to Being DC’s New Batman

Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

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As DC’s drama unfolds for all to see thanks to Zachary Levi’s unfiltered Instagram content, Wonder‘s own chaotic time takes place more behind the scenes, and yet it could mean far greater problems for the studio that this would cause Shazam! 2 Bomb-look small roast. Elsewhere, an MCU veteran who once came close to donning the cape and hood talks about the chances of him becoming James Gunn’s Batman. Let’s dive in…

Victoria Alonso drama is heating up as alleged unwarranted shooting could lead to “serious consequences” for Marvel Studios

She-Hulk: Lawyer
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The biggest unfolding Marvel story of the week has to be the shock firing of longtime Marvel Studios exec Victoria Alonso, widely credited as Kevin Feige’s right-hand man. The abrupt departure of the key team member has now taken another bombastic turn, as Alonso’s attorney claims that she was wrongly fired for speaking out against Disney’s response to the Don’t Say Gay law, and with “serious… Consequences” had threatened. Marvel has had since the whole Scarlett Johansson/Black widow Situation. Expect more on this latest unexpected installment in the Phase Five Curse soon.

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An underrated MCU grad wanted to be Zack Snyder’s Batman, but he has no interest in doing the same for James Gunn

ben affleck justice league batman
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Scott Adkins might finally get his place as an unsung action hero thanks to his transformative villain role John Wick: Chapter Fourbut those who’ve been following his career for a while know that he nearly landed a big break before that when he auditioned for the first title character in Batman vs Superman. Although he later joined the MCU as Lucian Doctor Strange, Adkins is still awaiting his own iconic superhero role. Despite this, he has revealed that he no longer wants to play the Dark Knight even as James Gunn searches for a new man in whom to protect Gotham City The brave and the bold.

dead pool 3 Rumors are squashed in the bud by the one person who knows more about the MCU timeline than anyone else

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2
Image via 20th Century Fox

Recently, Marvel fans have gotten excited about rumors that hint at different ones Loki Cast members hop over to face Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson dead pool 3, with Owen Wilson at the head of the pack. Don’t celebrate the launch of the Mobius Cinematic Universe just yet, though, as these reports have now been showered with cold water from the most reliable source around when it comes to the Earth-616 timeline. Miss Minutes herself Tara Strong claims she has not heard about a Loki/Deadpool Crossover, although she admitted she couldn’t even tell us if she would have. So it’s a no for now, but remember Miss Minutes has a history of keeping secrets…

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Protector of the Galaxy fans wish volume 3 could be even longer Avengers: Infinity Warbut it sure won’t be long before you get more of the latest Marvel news.


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