‘Attack on Titan’ Series Finale Receives Another Riveting Trailer as ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Fans Brace Themselves for the Worst

Attack on the founder of the Titan Eren

Image via MAPPA Ltd.

Less than a week until then attack on Titan Returning beyond the walls for one final mission, MAPPA has decided to release a trailer that pits Eren’s former comrades against the Rumpel’s overwhelming odds to save the world against a ticking clock.

As we get ready to enter Shingeki no Kyojin Season once again, fans of another popular fantasy franchise brace themselves for the worst possible outcome after Warner Bros. announced a new one Lord of the rings Films in collaboration with Embracer Group and New Line Cinema.

Eren Yeager continues his killing spree in a new style attack on Titan Fan

Eren's Titan from Attack on Titan
Image via MAPPA

attack on Titan officially returns Thursday with an hour-long special, so MAPPA prepares you for the ultimate ending of the story with a new trailer. In it, Eren continues his genocidal killing spree in Marley while the Scout Regiment tries to save the world from their former comrade. Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Hange, and Reiner fight against impossible odds, but we’re still cheering for their success (unless you’re a Yeagerist, which is a whole different conversation).

Lord of the Rings Fans find solace in internet memes after Warner Bros. announces more films set in Tolkien’s world

The Lord of the Rings / Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
Image via New Line Cinema

Hollywood is proving once again that it doesn’t understand the franchises under its stewardship by announcing more Lord of the rings movies. Forget the fact that The Hobbit failed spectacularly, at least from a critical point of view, and the latest Prime Video series The Rings of Power was one of the most controversial TV shows of recent years. Tolkien gatekeepers have only one way to deal with the pain of considering even more customization, and that’s through internet memes. Some of them might border on nonsensical doomsday tales, but honestly, one can’t be too skeptical afterwards Rings of Power Fiasco.

A barely successful fantasy franchise gains another boost to fame in streaming

guillermo del toro pacific rim bts
Image via Legendary Images

Guillermo del Toro might have slowly become a grandmaster of fantasy storytelling, but that road to stardom was paved with the blood of numerous mistakes. 2013 Pacific Rim Didn’t turn out to be a disaster – it narrowly escaped thanks to the Chinese box office – but the film still falls far short of showcasing del Toro’s finely tuned directorial skills. However, if you’re particularly craving a monster movie with sci-fi and fantasy elements, your streaming buddies might be up to something on HBO Max.


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