Ballet Flats Are Back—Here’s How to Style Them

You wore them, you loved them and you hated them. You definitely had a favorite pair, and you might even have another pair stashed somewhere in your closet or under your bed. They’re ballerinas—yes, ballerinas. Like it or not, just like our beloved clog, they’re making a comeback, but not in exactly the way you might remember.

When you think of ballet flats, you probably think of thin, thin, crumpled patent leather that makes your feet sweat like no other. However, the type of ballet flats that are making a comeback are not the same. It’s more like her cool older cousin. Think premium leather, a square toe, a bow and hey, maybe even a strap to call it Mary Jane. Just as we’ve matured and traded some of our skinny jeans for a straight let and our clamshell phones for touchscreen ones, ballet flats have also matured (as has the way we style them).

When you think of one of your favorite outfits, you can probably trade in ballet flats, which are the perfect way to elevate your outfit. Don’t you believe us? Keep scrolling for our favorite ways to style ballet flats. Chances are, you already have everything in your closet.

With pants and trench coat

Of course, the ballerinas go perfectly with our current favourite, the pants. How could it not? From work to home, an outfit like this just passes on.

With jeans and a white t-shirt

You really can’t go wrong with the classic white t-shirt and jeans combo. Paired with ballet flats, it’s a modern take on the tried-and-true favourite. Would you like to change it up a bit? Opt for a colorful pair of flats to stand out from the rest of your outfit.

With your favorite button-up

A button closure is always a good idea, and paired with flats, anything goes. With shorts, pants, a skirt or a dress, flats and a really good button-up are just a match made in heaven.

With an oversized jacket and baggy jeans

The contrasting elements of fitted flats and baggy pieces are a match made in heaven. The juxtaposition gives your apartments a cool vibe that you didn’t know was possible.

With skirt and socks

This outfit combo is just as cute as the ballet flats themselves. Paired with a jacket and graphic tee, this is an outfit we’ll be keeping in our rotation this season.

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