Banksy’s latest work, ‘Valentine’s Day Mascara’, restored by UK district council

Earlier, the elusive artist unveiled a mural on a ruined building in war-torn Ukraine.

UK BanksyA new artwork by street artist Banksy titled ‘Valentine’s Day Mascara’ on the side of a building in Margate, England Tuesday February 14, 2023. (Gareth Fuller/PA via AP)

Immensely popular but anonymous British street artist, Bansky‘s latest work appeared in the UK seaside town of Margate, a seaside town in Kent. titled ‘valentines day Mascara’, the work, which debuted February 14, shows an American housewife – dressed in a blue plaid dress, apron and yellow household rubber gloves, with a missing tooth and an injured eye – allegedly shoving a man into a freezer identified as a a brace against the graffiti, along with a chair and a box.

However, the work that hinted that she might have been a victim domestic violence, was soon dismantled by the local Thanet District Council for public safety reasons, rendering it meaningless. The act soon caused outrage, prompting the council to soon put the freezer back in its original place.

Quoting a spokesman for Thanet District Council: The Independent wrote: “The freezer which Council officials removed from the Banksy facility in Margate has now been made safe. It was returned to its original position at the artwork site today.”

“Banksy addresses the important issue of domestic abuse in this artwork. We are in contact with the owner of the property to understand their intentions to preserve the piece and achieve the best possible outcome for the local community and victims of domestic violence,” he added.

The BBC spoke to the resident of the property, who told the outlet that “the freezer and other items had been removed ‘very quickly’ and loaded onto a lorry on Tuesday midday”.
“I’m really mad because it’s not really pretty. It was part of the art, they should be very happy because Margate could get more attention, positive attention,” the resident added.

Earlier, the elusive artist unveiled a mural on a ruined building in war-torn Ukraine. He shared pictures of his work on Instagram and captioned them: “Borodyanka, Ukraine.” At the same time, he showed a woman in a leotard doing a handstand on the rubble.

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