Best Sporting Directors to hire

This article will take you through the best Sporting Directors in F1 Manager 2023. Sporting Directors will be one of the most important members of your team.

Sporting Directors will improve other members of your crew, so it’ll be crucial to pick one of the best for your team. They’ll also be a key part of your management team, helping steer your team through tough times.

Who are the best Sporting Directors in F1 Manager 2023, though? We’ve got the pick of the bunch and every stat that determines how good they are.

F1 Manager 2023 Best Sporting Directors

Sporting Directors are new members of staff for F1 Manager 2023. Sporting Director are ranked using four attributes, Training, Aptitude, Leadership and Processes.

Training determines the ability to develop the team’s mechanics, the higher this rating, the faster they improve. It also reduces the amount of performance they lose between race weekends.

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Aptitude determines the potential that mechanics can reach. The higher this is, the higher their ceiling of quality is too. Leadership sets how good the Sporting Director is at managing high-pressure situations such as crucial pit-stops during a race.

Lastly, Processes set how effective the team is at creating and using effective processes. It also reduces the fatigue that the pit crew experiences throughout the season.

These four attributes combine to make an average “Overall” rating for the Sporting Director.

All four of these stats are important, but Processes is probably the least important. Training & Leadership are most likely the most effective, but you’ll want a strong Aptitude too.

Alan Permane

We begin with a name that you’ll be familiar with if you’re a long-time Formula 1 fan. Alan Permane is the Sporting Director for Alpine and has been with the Enstone outfit for over 30 years now.

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Permane has an 89 overall rating, with his highest attribute being 94 Processes. His weakest attribute is still a high 86 Leadership.

87 Training and 90 Aptitude make up the rest of his stats and he’d be a great addition if you’re playing as one of the top four teams.

Randeep Singh

Randeep Singh has been McLaren’s Sporting Director since 2020, having joined the team back in 2015. Having previously worked for both Force India and Williams, Singh isn’t a new face in the F1 paddock.

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Singh is the same overall rating as Permane, being 89 overall. Singh’s attributes are also a lot more consistent, with his Leadership and Processes being 90 and his Training at 86 being the highest and lowest scores.

His remaining stat is 88 Training.

Laurent Mekies

Laurent Mekies is set to be the new Team Principal of AlphaTauri when Franz Tost retires at the end of the 2023 season.

Makies has been with Ferrari since 2018, having previously worked for the FIA as Safety Director and both Minardi and Toro Rosso.

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Mekies is joint-second in the Sporting Director list overall, being a huge 94! His Leadership is a massive 97 and even his lowest attribute of 92 Processes is still really high.

His other stats are 93 Training and 95 Aptitude.

Ron Meadows

Mercedes’ Ron Meadows is another very highly rated Sporting Director. He’s also 94 overall, thanks in part to his 97 Training stat.

Leadership is at 94, with Processes at 93 and Aptitude at 92.

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Meadows has been in F1 for over 20 years and has worked for the Brackley-based team for that entire time. That means that Meadows has been a part of both the Brawn and Mercedes championship winning outfits.

Jonathan Wheatley

Red Bull is undoubtedly the best team in Formula 1 right now, so it’s no surprise they have the best Sporting Director at the start of F1 Manager 2023.

Jonathan Wheatley has a 95 overall rating with an incredible 99 in both Processes and Training. His Aptitude is also high at 95.

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Wheatley falls down slightly compared to some of his contemporaries when it comes to Leadership. This is ranked as 88, but that’s still higher than most Sporting Directors.

All F1 Manager Sporting Directors

We’ve covered the top five in-depth, but there are a lot more Sporting Directors available in F1 Manager 2023. The full list is below for you to take a look at:







Jonathan Wheatley Red Bull 95 99 95 88 99
Ron Meadows Mercedes 94 97 92 94 93
Laurent Mekies Ferrari 94 93 95 97 92
Randeep Singh McLaren 89 88 86 90 90
Alan Permanc Alpine 89 87 90 86 94
Andy Stevenson Aston Martin 86 86 87 86 85
Marco Perrone AlphaTauri 84 77 89 80 91
Sven Smeets Williams 83 72 90 79 90
Jeremy Cotterill MP (F2) 82 84 88 73 84
Aurelien Pallier ART (F2) 81 78 85 82 77
Isabel Free Agent 80 80 80 82 76
Karl Wolf Free Agent 80 59 90 87 83
Beat Zehnder Alfa Romeo 80 78 83 79 79
Franca Grassi Free Agent 77 80 81 79 69
Anna Barnard Free Agent 77 91 81 64 73
Guillaume Capiel Prema (F2) 77 72 83 72 79
Toby Brown Haas 76 76 80 74 75
Jonas Salo Free Agent 76 73 76 71 85
Raphael Landrea DAMS (F2) 75 73 77 75 75
Nicola Farina Free Agent 75 78 75 68 79
Takashi Uchida Free Agent 75 69 68 78 83
Julieta Baltazar Free Agent 75 80 78 71 69

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