Braves Fan Gets Knocked Out By Mets Fans | Buckeye Country 94.3 WMRN-FM

Braves fell 4-1 in the series against the Mets this weekend…but they didn’t fall as hard as a Braves fan that took some fists to the face.

NY Fans are known for being pretty aggressive at sporting events but it’s pretty childish to throw fists over a baseball game. Saturday night’s Mets-Braves game got heated in the stands and ended up with one Braves fan bleeding from his face at Citi Field

The Mets are one of the best teams in baseball an hold a National League East rivalry with the Atlanta squad. Right down the first-base line, a couple of fans got into an exchange of not-so-nice words that turned to an MMA match. In a Video posted on Twitter, a Citi Field security guard tried seperating the fans when punches started flying. The fan in the Braves jersey was swinging over him trying to punch two other Mets’ fans. The Braves fans didn’t land anything as he was pulled back, but one of the Mets fans connected with a few sucker punches and knocked out the man. One person in the video was yelling, “F— him up!”

I get it, Beer and competitiveness can get the best of you but this is just ridiculous. I’ve been in moments where fans are out-of-control and trying to fight… but you look horribly un-athletic when you’re a grown man on the internet going viral for a fist fight that lasted 5 seconds. And the ER trip for a concussion is a damper on the beer buzz too! STOP IT!

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