Bruneau & Co.’s online Winter Historic Arms & Militaria auction is set for Wednesday, February 22nd

Mid-17th century German Wheelock sporting carbine, 24 inches long (the barrel 16 ½ inches), with a .65 caliber rifled bore and a walnut stock (estimated $2,000–$4,000).
Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers

CRANSTON, RI – Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers’ online-only Antique Arms and Militaria Auction, scheduled for Wednesday, February 22, starting at 6:00 p.m. ET, is a well-rounded auction that includes items also for are affordable to the beginning collector than the most advanced. The focus is on the Civil War, World War I and II and modern firearms for a total of 300 lots.

“This auction includes everything from single and grouped bayonet lots to magazines, holsters, WWI and WWII militaria, revolvers, bolt-action rifles and weapons of war of all types and from many countries,” said Joel Bohy, Bruneau & Co’s director of arms & Militaria. “There are also groupings of hard-to-find parts for a variety of military weapons.”

Four German model 1898 sword bayonets, overall length 25 ¾ inches. Offered in one lot (estimate $200-$300).
Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers

Four items could end up vying for tot lot honors. The first is a Colt Model 1902 military pistol of circa 1919 – a famous “.38 Special” – serial number 40010, with black checkered hard rubber grips marked “COLT”, 9¼” long with a 9″ barrel, with a blued finish and marked on the left and right sides as well as the magazine (est. $3,000-$4,000).

The second is a mid-17th-century German wheelock sporting carbine, 24 inches long (the barrel 16½ inches), with a .65 caliber rifled bore, a walnut stock with a raised cheek piece on the left side of the butt, and a patch Box on the right side of the butt, two carved lines near the barrel chamber, and a brass cloud-shaped sideplate (estimated $2,000–$4,000).

Canadian-made Long Branch No. 7 MKI bolt-action rifle circa 1946, .22 caliber, serial number 1L6454, with walnut stock and 44 ¾ inch in length (estimated $300-$500).
Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers

The third is a ca. 1760 Spanish miquelet musket with a .69 bore at the flared muzzle, 51 inches long (the barrel 35 ½ inches) and an intricately carved walnut stock with leaf patterns on the skirt near the barrel tang and at the ramrod entrance and a steel butt plate, side plate and trigger guard with engraved leaf designs (estimated $2,000-$3,000).

The fourth is a pre-WWII Polish 9mm VIS-35 Radom pistol, circa 1937, serial number 5515, with matching frame, slide and 4 ¾ inch barrel, black checkered bakelite grips marked ‘FB ‘, a blued finish and on the left side of the slide a Polish eagle, as well as a slotted black strap for the buttstock and a magazine marked ‘G/2’ (estimate $2,000-$3,000).

Four German model 1898 saber bayonets – a pipe back bayonet and scabbard; a bayonet and scabbard from 1898 n/A with unit markings; and two 1898 n/A bayonets and scabbards, totaling 25 ¾ inches long – offered as a group lot (estimate $200-300).

Two WWII-era German pistols are expected to attract bids. One is a 9mm Black Widow Luger pistol and holster, circa 1941, serial number 5535, all matching, with black checkered bakelite grips, a black/blue finish and marked “#41″ on the ring and ” byf” on the toggle, with a gun office on the right side of the barrel (estimated $1,500-$2,000).

The other is a holstered 9mm P-38 pistol, serial number 9112y, all matching, with bakelite grips, dark blue finish and marked “P38 cyg” on the left side of the slide and Waffenamt markings on the right side . The magazine is marked ‘jvd’ and a Waffenamt and the black leather holster is marked ’41’ and ‘P38’ on the back (estimate $400-$600).

An American-made, circa 1857-1861 Massachusetts Arms Co. .36 caliber Adams patent revolver and holster, serial number 90, checkered with walnut grip, 11 ½ inches overall with a 6-inch barrel, marked on the left side of the frame (” Adams”), the loading lever (“Kerr”), the top strap (“Mass. Arms Co.”), and the leather holster (“Havana”) should cost $800 to $1,200.

A Canadian-made Long Branch No. 7 MKI bolt-action rifle, circa 1946, .22 caliber, serial number 1L6454, has a walnut stock with a broad arrow in a “C” behind the trigger guard and muzzle and an “L” on the top of the Butt near the butt plate tang, a blued finish, marked on the left side of the receiver and magazine, 44 ¾ inches long, should fetch $300-$500.

A British Pattern 1859 Type 1 naval saber/bayonet with a steel handle and knuckle guard, measuring 32 ¾ inches overall in length with a 27 ¼ inch blade, with a leather wrapped wooden handle, a steel blade with no visible markings and a black leather scabbard with a steel neck and brake, in good condition , the steel has a light patina, should fetch $300-$500.

Online bidding is provided by and the Bruneau & Co. mobile app. on iTunes or GooglePlay as well as on the and platforms.

A live gallery preview will be held on auction day, Wednesday, February 22, from 9am to 5pm or by appointment at the Bruneau & Co. gallery at 63 Fourth Avenue in Cranston, RI. To make an appointment, call 401-533-9980; or send an email to: [email protected].

All successful bids are subject to a buyer’s premium of 17.5 percent, with a cash or check rebate of 3 percent when bidding on the Bruneau & Co. platform and app only. A buyer’s premium of 20.5 percent without discount applies to third-party bidding platforms.

Before purchasing any firearm at auction, Bruneau & Co Auctioneers recommends that it be examined by a qualified gunsmith to determine whether or not it is safe to use. FFL transfers are processed by Lost Treasures in Pawtucket, RI and are subject to a $35 fee.

Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers always accepts high quality shipments for future auctions, with commissions as low as zero percent. Now would be a perfect time to clean up your attic. To contact Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers regarding the consignment of a single item or an entire collection, you can email [email protected]. Or you can call them at 401-533-9980.

To learn more about Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers and the online-only Historic Arms & Militaria auction scheduled for Wednesday, February 22 at 6:00pm EST, visit

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