‘Buddy the Diving Dog’: Okanagan dog learns how to dive underwater for rocks

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and for their ability to run, jump and learn new tricks.

Case in point: Buddy, a four-year-old Golden Retriever Lab who has always loved swimming. He has developed a new talent in recent months and has become known as “Buddy the Diving Dog” for his ability to dive for rocks underwater.

“I think it’s because we just didn’t have a ball to throw for him, so we started just throwing stones. And from there he just started diving for rocks,” said Buddy’s owner, Melanie Woodward.

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Every time Buddy’s family takes him to the lake, he shows off his new ability to dive underwater. Sometimes his family doesn’t even throw rocks in the water before Buddy jumps in.

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“We’ve been going for hours where he’s lining up these orange round rocks along the beach. I’ve seen him show off in front of two girls and just drop his rocks in front of their towels,” Woodward said.

Buddy has had three surgeries on his hind legs. To pay some of Buddy’s medical and vet bills, his owners created Instagram and TikTok accounts. Woodward said it would be cool if the reports went viral.

“That would be great to get started,” she said. “Even though he’s well known around town, like an Okanagan diving dog.”

Swimming helped the puppy restore strength to his legs. Buddy’s family says he’s made great strides.

“I’m just so proud that after all his surgeries, all his limp and limping leg, he’s made it this far. He’s so much better. In fact, he lost weight,” Woodward said.

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Buddy’s family said most people they meet are quite impressed with their diving pup.

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“They usually say, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that and it’s kind of weird and rare that some dogs can do that,'” said Nina Woodward.

The family is also proud to say that Buddy is definitely their best “buddy”.

“He’s had so many surgeries. I’m just glad he’s alive to this day,” Lily Woodward said.

Buddy’s underwater adventures are all posted on his social media accounts @BuddytheDivingDog.

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