Cheer Sport Sharks celebrate ‘wave of wins’ at recent competitions

Cheer Sport Sharks Orillia will now travel to the Canadian Cheer Nationals in Niagara Falls while some will travel to Florida for the Worlds

To contribute to a highly successful season, Cheer Sport Sharks Orillia recently competed in the Quest for the Southwest, Beast of the East and Cheer Challenge Cup competitions taking place February 25-26 at the Markham PanAM Centre took place.

The level of competition was evident to both coaches and athletes as each team strived to dominate the dance floor and capture the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd. At the end of the first day, the gym proudly celebrated with the following placement:

  • Teenie Bopper Sharks (U6 Tiny Novice) – excellent performance
  • Bamboo Sharks (U 12 Allstar Lvl 1) – First Place
  • Electro Sharks (U16 Allstar Lvl 1) – Second place
  • Valley Sharks (U16 Allstar Lvl 2) – First place
  • Black Spotted (U 16 Allstar Lvl 3) – First Place

As day two began, the gym continued to ride the wave of victories and push their limits, each team bringing their best to the mat and putting on performances that swept the crowd at every turn! It was clear to their coaches and their families that this day would only build on the previous placement and they would not be disappointed when day two was lauded:

  • Baby Blue Sharks (U8 Prep Lvl 1) – Third place
  • Quick Fin Sharks (U12 Prep Lvl 1) – First Place
  • Bamboo Sharks (U12 Allstar Lvl 1) – First place
  • Electro Sharks (U16 Allstar Lvl 1) – Second place
  • Valley Sharks (U16 Allstar Lvl 2) – 2nd place
  • Black Spotted Sharks (U16 Lvl 3) – First place

In addition to these awards, the Quick Fin Sharks and Bamboo Sharks were named Grand Champions in their divisions and brought home the hardware of the Cheer Challenge Cup!

What’s next for the sharks?

Cheer Sports Sharks Orillia will travel to the Canadian Cheer Nationals April 14-16 in Niagara Falls. This will be their last competition before heading south of the border!

The Bamboo, Valley and Black Spotted Sharks, each with an At Large Bid, will compete at the All-Star World Championships in Orlando, Florida in May. This is the first year the gym has competed at a world level and will provide athletes with an unforgettable experience.

To help offset some of the expense for our athletes, the gym will be hosting a Glow in the Dark fundraiser dance for Grades 3 through 8 on March 25th from 7-9pm. This fundraiser dance will feature “DJ Handy” and a bar Snack offer bar with pizza, drinks and more. This is a fun opportunity for the community to come out, see our facility and support local athletes!

Additionally, the gym hosts tryouts for new and returning athletes in May. Prior knowledge is not required. True to our gym philosophy, every athlete who tries is part of the team and will enjoy an unparalleled experience in our warm and supportive atmosphere.

Be sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram page for more information on how you can be a part of our 2023-2024 season!

For more information please email [email protected].


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