College Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings 2022: Top Ks, sleepers to know

Soccer players are one of the least respected groups of people in our society. In much of the fantasy football community (NFL and college), kickers are banned from participating. This kind of dishonor will not be tolerated and our 2022 college fantasy foosball leaderboard can help you find the best options.

Of course, kickers aren’t going to define or interrupt your season — unless you design a kicker too soon after watching Sebastian Janikowski highlights like Al Davis on YouTube. Don’t let the classic foosball hype videos influence your design strategy too much.

Hopefully by 2023 we will have a player list. Punters are people too.


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College Fantasy Football Foosball Rankings 2022

rank player team conf class goodbye
1 Noah Ruggles general tax B1G sir 7
2 Will Reichard Ala SEC jr 9
3 BT Potter clamp Acc sir 9
4 Cam little ark SEC So 8th
5 Jack Podlesny UGA SEC jr 8th
6 Chad Ryland md B1G sir 9
7 Chase McGrath Tenn SEC sir 5
8th Trey Wolff TxTch B12 jr 7
9 Jake Moody Me B1G sir 8th
10 Will Stone Tex B12 Mrs 9
11 Zach Schmitt ok B12 Mrs 8th
12 Caden Davis TxAM SEC So 7
13 Harrison Mevis mizu SEC So 7
14 Jonah Dalmas boise MW So 7
fifteen Andres Borregales MiaFL Acc So 5
16 John Richardson NIU MAC jr 9
17 Connor Coles VAT MW sir 3.9
18 Brandon Talton Nev MW jr 5.10
19 Liam Gray CoCar SBC Mrs 8th
20 Cayden Campers ColSt MW jr 5
21 Marshal Meeder C Wed MAC So 9
22 Christopher Dunn NC St Acc sir 8th
23 Michael Hughes apartment SBC So 7
24 Blake group ND IND sir 5
25 Gavin Bachle UTEP KUSA sir 7:11
26 Morgan Suarez apartment KUSA Mrs 6.10
27 Daniel Gutierrez UNLV MW sir 1.9
28 Jacob Barnes LaTec KUSA jr 5
29 Casey Legg WVU B12 jr 6
30 Camden Lewis oreg P12 jr 7

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