CooperVision’s Latest Innovation, MyDay Energys® Contact Lenses, Make U.S. Debut

First 1-day lens that combines the innovative DigitalBoost™ and Aquaform® technologies
Designed to provide exceptional convenience for patients’ digital “always on” lifestyles

SAN RAMON, California., March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CooperVision® MyDay Energys® contact lenses, signaling a new advance in combating the symptoms of pervasive digital eye strain, are now available to all eye care professionals worldwide The United States. The nationwide rollout marks the global premiere of the highly innovative lens.

In a clinical study, patients agreed that wearing MyDay Energys® kept their eyes comfortable and relaxed throughout the day despite frequent viewing of digital devices.**1 Wearers also agreed that MyDay Energys® made their eyes less tired, and her vision was less blurry.1

MyDay Energys® is the first and only daily contact lens to combine CooperVision’s exclusive aspheric design and material technology to relieve fatigue and dryness associated with digital eye strain and provide exceptional comfort**1. The precisely engineered DigitalBoost™ Single Vision aspheric design delivers a +0.3D power increase to relieve eye muscle strain, allowing the wearer to shift focus from screen to screen with less effort.*2 CooperVision has also incorporated its popular Aquaform® technology, which hydrates MyDay Energys® lenses to twice their weight in water3 for natural wettability and incredible comfort so eyes feel less dry, even during periods of reduced blinking.

“The average American today spends more than seven hours a day looking at screens,4 with more than half using two or more devices at the same time.5 Our ability to anticipate this evolution in digital usage and the increase in 1-day preference allowed us to be the first to bring such an inventive lens to market,” he said Michele Andrews, OD, Vice President, Business and Government Affairs, Americas, CooperVision. “Based on the enthusiastic feedback from trial customers, we expect ophthalmologists and contact lens wearers in the US to adopt MyDay Energys® widely.”

MyDay Energys® is the latest addition to CooperVision’s popular MyDay® family, which includes MyDay® Sphere, MyDay® Toric and MyDay® Multifocal contact lenses. MyDay Energys® is available in sphere powers from +8.00 D to -12.00 D (0.50 D increments to +5.00 D and -6.00 D) with no plano option. MyDay Energys® also contains a built-in UV blocker (86% of UVA and 97% of UVB rays) that helps minimize the transmission of harmful UV rays ҂.

“The MyDay® portfolio allows you to adjust so many patients between the sphere, the extended toric parameters and the multifocal goggles,” he said Sahil DosajOD, who practices at Miller Optometry in Yucaipa, California. “Now, MyDay Energys® is another option with additional benefits that we can offer our patients. Everyone uses digital devices, so for many Sphere wearers, this is the right lens for them.”

Further information can be found on the MyDay Energys® practitioner page.

*Based on a statistically significant difference in mean change in accommodative microfluctuations and compared to a lens without DigitalBoost™ / Digital Zone Optics® after a 20-minute read on an iPhone 5 at a distance of 25 cm. Study conducted with Biofinity Energys and Sphere.

**75% of patients somewhat agree/agree/strongly agree

†80% of patients agreed when asked “CLs make my eyes less tired”

‡74% of patients agreed when asked, “CLs make my vision less blurry at the end of the day, even after a long day using digital devices.”

҂Warning: UV absorbing contact lenses are not a substitute for protective UV absorbing eyewear such as UV absorbing glasses or sunglasses as they do not fully cover the eye and surrounding area. Patients should continue to wear UV-absorbing glasses as directed.

1. Archived 2018 CVI data. Prospective, multi-center (5 US sites), open-label, bilateral carry, 1-week dispensing study with MyDay Energys. N = 77 habitual carriers of soft CL. Patients somewhat agree/agree/strongly agree.

2. Kajita M. et al. Changes in accommodative microfluctuations after wearing contact lenses of different optics. Cont Lens Ant Eye (2020) In press

3. CVI data in file 2022.

4.Digital 2023: The United States of America. data report. Consumption of different digital media types can occur simultaneously. Accessed February 9, 2023.

5. Vision Council 2019. The Vision Council highlights protecting vision and health in a multi-screen era. Accessed July 19, 2022.

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