Coronation Street killer Stephen’s latest murder revealed in flashback

When Rufus later offered Michael a job in London, Michael berated Stephen’s treatment of him and quit his current role. But when he got to the house where Rufus was staying for a meeting, there was no sign of him.

As the ITV soap continued, Michael confided in his uncle Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) that he was now unemployed and had burned his bridges with both Stephen and Rufus after leaving an angry voicemail for the absent Rufus.

Ronnie advised Michael to talk to Stephen again, so Michael interrupted Stephen’s breakfast date with Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) to ask for his job back. Stephen was checking out Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) designs at the cafe and by the time Michael arrived he had been rude and condescending to her.

Before Michael, however, Stephen abruptly announced that he had given Nina his job, leaving Michael outraged. Ronnie then urged his nephew to track Rufus down, but when they got to the house, they found a shaken housekeeper (played by Enid Dunn) surrounded by the police. She explained that she found Rufus dead in the swimming pool.

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Michael later shared the news with Stephen, who appeared shocked, and police officer Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) spoke to both men. But after Ronnie lied to Stephen about Michael meeting with Rufus and turning down his job – to get Stephen to rehire Michael – Stephen informed Craig that Michael may have been the last person to see Rufus alive.

Michael was then forced to admit to a confused Craig that he hadn’t really seen Rufus after all. Just when it looked like Michael might be unemployed, Stephen found him and offered him the position of junior manager.

Rufus makes a new demand on Stephen on Coronation Street.

Stephen murdered Rufus on Coronation Street. itv

At the factory, Stephen poured Michael a drink and promised to teach him everything he knew about business. When Michael asked how Stephen got people to sign contracts, Stephen began luring the client in and taking them exactly where he wants them – while the screen took us back in time to the scene of Rufus’ last moments.

Yes, of course it was Stephen who had turned up at Rufus’s doorstep the night before and he got the man to buy him a drink while they struck up a friendly chat. But as the drinks flowed and Rufus left the poolside table for another bottle, Stephen added a colossal amount of LSD to Rufus’ glass. Rufus was soon affected by the drugs, making it easy for Stephen to shove the gorgeous Rufus into the pool.

When Rufus asked for Stephen’s help while struggling in the water, Stephen reached down and forced the other man’s head underwater until he was dead in dark scenes.

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