County of Stettler council hears multiple water connection requests during latest meeting

The Stettler District Council received four applications for connection to the city water main during its March 8 session.

The first application received by the council was for a property in the northern part of the county, about 1.4 kilometers north of Highway 601.

The administration found that if permitted, there were two options for connecting the resident to water; First, a route from the North Phase waterline that would be 1.7 kilometers long and have the potential to connect to five other properties. Second, a connection off the waterline of Highway 601 with a length of 1.4 kilometers and three other possible connections.

The estimated cost of laying the waterline from the north for a 3-inch pipe is just over $160,000, while laying from the south is about $133,000. both are well above the $15,000 shallow water connection fee charged by the county.

The second application was for a residence east of Big Valley.

According to the application, 1.2 kilometers of pipe would have to be laid, including crossing a large body of water on the shortest route.

The approximate cost to run the line would be $114,000 for a 3-inch pipe, again well above the $15,000 county flat rate connection fee, with no knowledge of other possible connections along the way.

“That’s a long way to go for a connection,” Coun said. James Niburg.

The first two applications were deferred to later plans to see if more people could be connected and connections could be made more cost-effective.

A third and fourth port were approved.

The third connection requested was from a resident southeast of Stettler, adjacent to the central phase waterline. The Request for Council Decision (RCD) notes that the estimated cost of connecting to the property would be approximately $11,000, which is well within the $15,000 connection fee.

The connection was approved in a filing by Coun. Les Stulberg.

A recent connection application reviewed related to an additional property adjacent to the Central Phase waterline near Gadsby. No estimate has been given for the cost of the connection but the RCD states that the connection fee would cover the cost of the connection and work on the Gadsby Aqueduct could be added to phase 1.

The connection was approved in a filing by Coun. Paul McKay.

tax cancellations

After “exhausting all options”, the administration of the district of Stettler contacted the council to cancel some tax lists.

The first tax roll comes from an unpaid utility bill of $68.49.

According to Sharon Larsen, who filed the RCD, while the property was transferred to the tax register, the property was subsequently sold and the new owner “is not responsible for the amount”.

Stulberg requested that the first amount be canceled.

Two other tax lists were submitted to the Council for annulment.

Two properties were bought by the Crown in 2019 and they each had outstanding taxes of £297.35. The properties were assumed to be leased to an interest payer and therefore taxable.

However, following a subsequent investigation by the administration, the land was not leased without planning and is therefore not taxable.

The total loss of revenue for the county with the cancellation is $594.70.

count. James Nibourg moved to abolish taxes on the crown lands.

Both requests were accepted.

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