Did a TikToker reveal how to always win a prize in claw machine games?

When you walk into an arcade, many will tell you not to waste your money on the claw machine, suspecting that the design of the machine could be “rigged” against the player so that he always loses.

However, a viral video on TikTok claims how players can successfully snag the desired prize should they ever play a claw machine game.

The video can be viewed below:

@ufo_brandon How to win the Claw Machine #fyp #arcadehacks #hellokitty ♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

The video was posted last July, where the person who posted it claims that if you follow the steps carefully, you are guaranteed to win a prize on every game.

The steps are to center the claw, press the button and then press it again to make sure the claw “grabs” your prize..

The TikTok app is seen in this photo illustration from July 13, 2021 on a smartphone. (Credit: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

The TikToker claims that “If you don’t press it again, you don’t win.”

The video has garnered 28.4 million views as of Monday.

Are there “other ways” to win?

Other TikTokers have created videos showing alternative ways to win this game.

A TikTok from an account called “clawcraziness” posted a video last year stating that one way to guarantee winning the prize is to keep playing until the claw gets the prize you want in a certain position or location Angle has moved where he is is easy enough to grab. However, this would require playing the game multiple times.

The TikToker notes that the claw is attached to a black cable and that if you “Twist the claw on the black cable, it will twist differently on the way down, which may allow you to wrap the prize.” However, not all machines attach to the same type of cable.

@clawcraziness secret to win more #squishmallows #clawmachine #clawmachinewin #clawcraziness #arcadehacks #arcade #win #prizes #games #money #arcadegames ♬ Original sound – clawcraziness

Another viral TikTok that may have the most unusual solution to winning a prize advises the player to “move the joystick up twice, down twice, left, right, left, right, left, and then you’ll want to hold it.” Hold down the drop button for five seconds, then insert your coins.”

After you’ve done all this, angle the claw over the prize you want to win, then hold the drop button again until the claw catches the prize.

@coxy.official I didn’t think it would work #foryou #clawmachine #iphone #money ♬ Original sound – Coxy

The video that went viral using this method was posted as a stitch to another video that also used this method. In the later TikTok, the player was shown that he won a new iPhone.

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