Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Upgrade Your Royal Tools | Shovel, Pickaxe & Watering Can Guide

When regular Royal Tools just aren’t good enough.

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Come in early Disney Dreamlight Valleybecome important Royal tools – four artifacts that you need to interact with the world. They will help you dig holes, catch fish, break rocks and water your crops. But they can’t do everything at once. You’ll need to earn some upgrades for your Royal Tools before you can access each section of the map. You can’t break Coral, Ice, or Mystic Mushrooms without getting upgrades first.

Upgrades are unlocked by completing them friendship quests. These upgrades are typically earned by traveling to specific realms, inviting a character back to your valley, and then completing quests. The upgrades you earn give you the ability to break certain objects and clear more of the map, allowing you to enter areas that were previously blocked. Below we explain how to get all four upgrades for your Royal Tools.

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How to upgrade the pickaxe

The pickaxe has two separate upgrades. The starter pickaxe can only break rocks. By upgrading the pickaxe, you can break Ice (Forest of Valor / Frosted Heights) and coral (Dazzle Beach).

  • How to break ice: Completely Elsa friendship quests – They will unlock the ability to break the smaller blocks of ice in their realm. Continue Elsa’s questline and complete “break the ice“. Completing this quest grants you the permanent ability to break large blocks of ice.
  • How to break coral: Completely Maui Friendship Quests – She will give you the ability to break smaller blocks of coral early in her realm. Complete more Maui quests and complete “A tale of stone and fire‘ for the enduring ability to smash large corals.

Complete friendship questsyou have to invite each character dream light valley. Journey to their kingdoms – Elsa is in that Frozen realm; maui is in that Moana Empire – and complete missions to invite them fully. Once invited, talk to them and build friendship. It must be you Friendship level 4 to complete their final quests and unlock the permanent upgrade.

How to improve the shovel

The Improved Shovel can Remove tree stumps and earn hardwood! It also keeps your valley nice and tidy. To level up your shovel, you must invite and complete quests ann.

  • How to remove tree stumps: Completely friendship quests to the ann in the valley until you unlock friendship quests to remove tree stumps. It happens pretty soon after I invite her.

ann is located at Frozen Empire. Make sure you invite them to it dream light valley and talk to her there. It doesn’t require nearly as much work as the pickaxes.

How to upgrade the watering can

To unlock the clearing of trustyou need to remove mystical mushrooms. These strange mushrooms can only be destroyed with the upgrade watering can.

  • How to remove mystical mushrooms: Consequences Merlin’s friendship quests to unlock the ability to destroy small mystical mushrooms. Keep following quests for Merlin until you unlock”The final exam‘ – Complete this quest to destroy even large mushrooms.

Merlin is the first character you meet, so you can’t miss it. He will take you through several magic tests. Earlier in his quests he gives you the ability to remove small mushrooms. Go further on his path to finally destroy bigger mushrooms.

And that’s it! There are no upgrades for the fishing rod yet. Who knows what the future may bring.

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