‘Don’t Let Her Know’ – Days After Massive Tiger Woods’ Partnership, Alexis Ohanian Hides Cheeky Secret From Wife Serena Williams as He Plans Major Sporting Move

Alexis Ohanian is in a phase these days where he is repeatedly humiliated by his daughter and wife. He always knew that athletics wasn’t his forte. However, when he took up golf, he hoped to get a head start. But things have gotten more daunting than he expected. So now he’s getting more ambitious and secretly wants to put in more work to have a chance against Serena Williams and Olympia.

Both Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian recently became co-founders of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s TGL’s first golf team, the Los Angeles Golf Club. As he breaks into the world of golf, Ohanian seeks to perfect his skills. But unfortunately, the rest of the Ohanians have overtaken him when it comes to mastering the sport.

Serena Williams tricks Alexis Ohanian into embracing his competitive self


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The Reddit co-founder is well aware of his athletic prowess, but this time he’s not ready to take a backseat. Golf is something he wants to be better at than his wife.

In a video of him speaking to the camera, he left his inner thoughts open. Beginning with his daughter, he stated: “I think Serena would agree that Olympia has a tremendous golf swing for her age.”

Ohanian liked the idea of ​​spending date nights with Williams because of TGL. So they ended up taking those golf lessons together. To make things even more romantic, Ohanian loved to have dinner with her after those classes.

However, it kind of backfired as Williams proved to be much better than him at golf. He explained, “I also thought that she had never really played golf, I thought we would start at about the same level. I was wrong.” This isn’t the first time he’s expressed his groundbreaking experience playing games with his wife.

He added, “As a participant, it was both humbling and frustrating that she was already quite a natural.” Then he added sarcastically: “That would shock a lot of people, but she has a better golf swing. Apparently it’s very similar to the backhand in tennis, so it’s not fun.”

In a previous tweet, he expressed how even Olympia was better than him at golf. Although they all started as beginners, Ohanian is lagging behind due to a lack of athletic genes. Still, he’s ready to face another challenge.

Ohanian is ready to defeat Williams


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The Reddit co-founder has commendable resilience. Therefore, he plans to take action against his wife Williams, knowing what experiences she has.

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He explained, “I’m just starting to take classes. Don’t let them know.” Now he’s on a mission to make the impossible possible.


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But given Williams’ experience of swinging distinctive shots across the field, Ohanian needs to do something more than just take extra lessons to even be a challenge for her.

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