Dota 2: Battle Pass 2022

Here’s how to unlock Slardar in Cavern Crawl during Battle Pass 2022.

Battle Pass 2022 is in full swing and has brought tons of consumables, treasures and rewards to keep Dota 2 players happy. Part 1 of the 2022 Battle Pass will take place from September 1st to November 2nd, 2022. Rewards for leveling up in the 2022 Battle Pass include awesome arcana sets for Faceless Void, Razor, and the Primal Beast.

Most Dota 2 players who purchased the 2022 Battle Pass use it to unlock Mythic sets for Slardar, Juggernaut, and Crystal Maiden. These stunning sets are available through the Cavern Crawl challenge, which is part of the Battle Pass. You need to win multiple games with Support, Utility, and Carry heroes to get those sets for the 3 heroes.

Stonefish Renegade Set for Slardar

Stonefish Renegade Set for Slardar

Slardar is a strength hero that excels at initiating fights in Dota 2. Players who prefer to play the role of tank for their team choose Slardar for its prowess in combat. His in-game skills and stats can make him a natural predator that can seek out and destroy enemy heroes anywhere on the map. It is particularly dangerous to fight him head-on in the river.

The melee hero has 620 HP and 255 mana at the start of the game. He has a base movement speed of 300 and base armor of 5.8. He has 51-59 Attack Damage, 21 Base Power, and gains a whopping 3.6 Strength Attributes per level.

The Stonefish Renegade set for Slardar can be unlocked with the Battle Pass 2022 in the left corner of the Cavern Crawl. The Mythical set includes an item for its Head, Back, Arm, and Weapon slots.

The newly introduced set for Slardar encases the Strength hero in elaborate armor crafted from materials sourced from the depths of the ocean. Slardar’s weapon, included in the Stonefish Renegade set, adorns it with a nautilus shell on one end and the claws of a severed crab on the other.

The Stonefish Renegade set’s head slot for Slardar has a sharp blade on its forehead. His weapon slot has elongated bracers that are maroon and yellow. The back of his head is adorned with a turquoise leaf and has a shine that catches the attention of Dota 2 players. Its tail is protected by multiple layers of armor, allowing Slardar to move around the map with ease.

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Watching Slardar smash enemy heroes with the Stonefish Renegade set can be visually stunning. The Mythical set’s ambient effects also make it incredible to see Slardar use Guardian Sprint to hunt down opponents during teamfights.

Stonefish Renegade set for Slardar - Transmuted Style

You can play more utility heroes on the left side of the Cavern Crawl to find Style Unlock Fragments for the Stonefish Renegade set. These fragments can be used to obtain additional skins for the Mythical set, including the Slardar Transmuted look.

The Transmuted style of the Stonefish Renegade set gives his outfit a maroon glow. The color palette of the Transmuted style includes shades of blue, turquoise, and maroon. The leaf on the back of his head is also maroon to match the colors of his Transmuted set.

Best heroes to unlock Slardar in Cavern Crawl

You must select utility heroes to carve your way to the Stonefish Renegade set for Slardar in Cavern Crawl. These resilient heroes can take massive damage and distract enemy heroes while your allies finish them off.

Take a look at the best heroes to choose from to unlock the Mythical set for Slardar with Battle Pass 2022.

Legion Commander

Legion Commander dominates the battlefield in Dota 2

Legion Commander is a tank hero who can destroy enemy teams with her sheer power. The melee hero has a base movement speed of 330 and a base armor of 3. She has an attack damage of 60 – 64 and a base attack time of 1.7. Her skills make Legion Commander a standout carry hero in Dota 2.

She has 700 HP and 315 mana at level 1. Legion Commander has a base power of 25 and gains 3.3 power per level. She can atomize waves of enemy creeps in the alley for extra movement speed on the battlefield.

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If you’re outnumbered on the alley or in the woods, Overwhelming Odds is an active ability that can be cast in a 360 radius. It deals additional damage to creeps and enemy heroes based on the number of units within the spell’s radius. The ability also deals 25% bonus damage to illusions and grants bonus movement speed for 7 seconds. It has a 15 second cooldown and requires 130 mana to cast.

You can also heal your teammates and yourself with Press the Attack. It provides up to 140 attack speed and 60 health regeneration for 5 seconds. Legion Commander can equip items like Maelstrom, Desolator, and Daedalus to shred enemies while Press the Attack is activated.

Courage causes the Legion Commander to land a counterattack that grants 85% lifesteal to her physical attacks. It has a low cooldown of 0.7 seconds. With her ultimate ability Duel, she can disable enemies and force them to attack them for 5.5 seconds.

A successful duel grants permanent bonus damage to Legion Commander. Duel has a 50 second cooldown and requires 75 mana to cast in combat. You can increase the attack damage gained from duels to level 10 through the talent tree. Players can also purchase a Scepter of Aghanim to increase the duel’s duration and decrease its cooldown.


Abaddon emerges to fight enemies in Dota 2

You will definitely encounter Abaddon while playing Cavern Crawl with Battle Pass 2022. Abaddon is a Strength hero with a base movement speed of 325 and base armor of 2.8. He has 50-60 attack damage and can use his abilities to slow enemies with each swing of his frosty blade.

The melee hero has a base Strength of 22 and gains 2.6 Strength per level. He can use Mist Coil to deal 260 damage to enemy heroes and heal allies for 260 health. Mist Coil has a cast range of 575, has a low mana cost of 50, and has a 5.5 second cooldown. It also deals 130 damage to Abaddon each time he casts Spiral of Mist in game.

He can use Aphotic Shield on teammates and himself to absorb incoming damage. The magical spell can absorb up to 200 damage from all sources before detonating, dealing burst damage to all enemy units in a 675 radius. Aphotic Shield lasts 15 seconds and has a 6 second cooldown. It costs 130 mana to use in combat.

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Curse of Avernus is a passive ability that affects creeps, neutrals, enemy heroes, and turrets. It decreases opponents’ movement speed with each successive hit. If the enemy is hit with 4 consecutive hits, Curse of Avernus silences them and grants Abaddon and his allies bonus attack speed for 4.5 seconds.

Borrowed Time is Abaddon’s ultimate ability. It can be activated at any time to heal Abaddon for damage dealt to him while Borrowed Time is active. His ultimate also activates when Abaddon’s health falls below 400. It has a 40 second cooldown. You can increase the duration of Borrowed Time by purchasing a Scepter of the Aghanim for Abaddon.


Visage flies towards enemies in Dota 2

Visage is an intelligence hero with a balanced set of skills. You can choose Visage to stun enemies and destroy towers on multiple lanes. Visage has a maximum range of 600 on his physical attacks and 45 – 55 attack damage.

He has a base movement speed of 285 and base armor of 0.8. Visage has 640 HP and 339 mana when you spawn in game. He has a base Intelligence of 22 and gains 2.9 Intelligence per level. You can play a support role or a tank role on Visage, depending on which heroes you’re going up against in Dota 2.

Grave Chill can be cast on enemy heroes to reduce their movement and attack speed for 6 seconds. It has a 10 second cooldown and costs 100 mana to use in game. Gravekeeper’s Cloak can reduce incoming damage by 20% per layer. It can be stacked up to 4 times and has a maximum damage reduction of 80%.

You can use Soul Assumption on enemy heroes for instant kills. Soul Assumption can consume 135 mana per cast and deals 70 damage per charge. It can be charged up to 6 times and has a 4 second cooldown.

Visage can summon Familiars at will to call upon flying units to aid him in battle. Familiars summoned by Visage have a maximum HP of 700 and attack damage of 75. They can turn familiars to stone to stun enemies and heal allied units.

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