Dwayne Johnson’s Impact on the DCU Is Officially Diddly Squat as Ezra Miller’s Dark Side Gets Even Darker in ‘The Flash’

We’re only a few weeks away from that now Shazam! wrath of the gods Reach cinemas and the latest update about the DCU Sequel reveals exactly how much Black Adam Synergy we should expect from it. Meanwhile, Disney’s extraterrestrial reboot takes an unexpected turn in the casting department as the penultimate installment of The last of us could blow every previous part of the season out of the water in terms of his ferocity. But first here’s one Flash– thematic newsflash…

Here’s your best look yet at Ezra Miller’s villain (yes, villain) in The Lightning Movie

Sasha Calle in The Flash.
Image from Warner Bros.

In a narrative decision that probably curses DC every day, The Lightning will feature twice as much Ezra Miller as everyone is asking for as the actor will play two different doubles of Barry Allen due to multiversal shenanigans in this summer’s blockbuster superhero. We’ve gotten glimpses of Barry #2 in the trailers, but this fresh nod to the character reveals our best look yet at his ultimate transformation into Dark Flash, who looks far more monstrous than fans might have anticipated.

Black Adam didn’t even have an impact on the one DC movie that you would think would impact

black adam
Photo by Warner Bros.

Oh, Black Adam. Aside from Henry Cavill failing to reboot his Superman career and get himself a sequel, it turns out that Dwayne Johnson’s one-time DC game-changer didn’t even have any impact on the one movie that They believe he has power. Shazam! wrath of the gods Director David F. Sandberg has spoken openly about how The Rock’s film had literally no bearing on what he envisioned for his Zachary Levi sequel, even though the two productions were set in the same corner of the DCU.

Disney’s extraterrestrial Reboot is set to include a crossover with Dora the Explorer… Not really

Xenomorph Alien Covenant
Image via 20th Century Fox

Sci-fi fans have long feared Disney’s relaunch Foreigner Franchise would be made kid-friendly, but it’s fair to say no one expected it to go on and on Dora the Explorer crossover. And yet that’s exactly what happens in 20th Century Studios’ latest entry in the legendary series, starring Isabela Merced – who had her big break in the lead role Dora and the Lost City of Gold – the latest to join the cast of the project currently titled Alien: Romulus. We’re just waiting for the news that the guy is out Blues Notes will be in the next predator

Get ready for a “wild” penultimate episode of The last of us

The Last of Us shopping mall.
Photo via HBO

Yes, the penultimate episode of The last of us is already ahead of us, and thankfully for a series that has undoubtedly given us some of the best standalone television episodes we’ll see all year, we’re told that this weekend’s penultimate episode will be “wild.” Star Gabriel Luna is preparing viewers to expect some surprising developments in episode eight of the hit HBO show, so get ready to start all over again blowing/ignoring stupid backlash from jerks and going through the past weeks.

You don’t have to have the intelligence of Batman – like these Jokers – to know that more of the latest sci-fi news is coming your way shortly.


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