Erik ten Hag makes Manchester United vow as he explains poor Premier League start

Erik ten Hag has vowed to ‘get the job done’ at Manchester United despite a disastrous start to the season.

Ahead of Monday’s clash with Liverpool, the Dutchman outlined the reasons for his side’s alarming form – and told his players he would not accept a repeat of the performances that saw them humiliated by Brighton and Brentford.

Ten Hag brought his side to extra practice after the 4-0 loss at Community Stadium, forcing them to run 13.8 kilometers (8.5 miles) – the exact distance the Bees ran.

It was a show of authority from the former Ajax manager, who is confident he will get a response from his underperforming stars.

And he’s adamant his methods will be a success at Old Trafford – just like in the Netherlands, where he won three Eredivisie titles and two trophies.

“I’m not here for me, I’m here for the club and to restore the club. I knew beforehand that this was a challenge and I wanted this challenge,” said Ten Hag.

“I knew beforehand that it was going to be difficult – but I wanted it because in my career, everywhere I’ve started has been difficult at the start, but I can do it and I’m convinced that I can do it here too. “

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United sit pointless at the bottom of the table ahead of their high-stakes game against bitter rivals Liverpool.

Ten Hag’s early tenure was undermined by the club’s failure to complete its transfer deal before the start of the season, leaving him behind in key positions.

The £60m ($70m) signing of Real Madrid star Casemiro will be a big boost but the Brazilian is unavailable on Monday.

Ten Hag would also like to add at least one forward, another midfielder, a right-back and a goalkeeper.

He insists the state of his squad was a key factor in his team’s miserable start.

“We had good basic preparation,” he said.

“Our nine, (Anthony) Martial was injured, Ronny (Cristiano Ronaldo) wasn’t fit, the six-man position in midfield wasn’t there, in the first game we had two central defenders who didn’t play together and the goalkeeper wasn’t the same either best time.

“There’s a clear reason for this – but I know we’re going to fix that and the results will be better too.” That was already evident in the preparation.”

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While Ten Hag has analyzed the broader reasons for back-to-back defeats, he was alarmed by his team’s fundamental one-game mistakes at Brentford when he said he would have made 11 substitutions if he could.

The lack of intensity or struggle has him canceling their day off and spelling out exactly what was expected of them.

It was a risky move having only just taken over the club, with the potential to antagonize players.

“I made the decision on Saturday, actually during the game when I saw the performance,” he said. “It’s not the standard for Man United and actually not my standard.

“We had to change that. I have to face the team, the players (say) what the standard is that we don’t accept that.

“I hope they’re mad, but mad at themselves, mad at each other for not holding each other accountable.

“If I say it is not acceptable then you cannot do anything for yourself, for the team, for Man United and for all Man United fans.

“I think every manager will ask it of their players and that’s normal. You have an obligation to the club to fight and give 100 percent.”

“One of the points as a coach is that you have to work on the attitude and mentality of the players,” added Ten Hag. “That’s what I do. This is the first time since June 27th that I have not been happy and dissatisfied and I have told them so.

“I don’t care why. You just have to deliver. That’s my commitment and her.

“Don’t get me wrong when I talk about players and I want to emphasize that I’m in the same boat too. If we’re not in the right mindset, I’m not doing so well.

“We win together, we lose together. That can’t happen. It’s a signal, we don’t need to make it bigger. I think it’s a really big story now, but there’s no need because it’s the first time it’s happened.”

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