Every color and costume in Kirby’s Dream Buffet and how to unlock them

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a fairly simple game that combines the food-hungry cuteness of young Star Warrior with the chaotic mini-games of fall guys. While on the surface the game revolves around eating the most strawberries to become the overweight Kirby, there are plenty of rewards and collectibles to unlock for completers out there. And the most coveted are the skins.

You’ve probably noticed that not every Kirby who rolls around in syrup and breaks through graham cracker walls is just plain pink. That’s because there’s a fairly large number of skins and costumes that you can unlock Kirby’s Dream Buffet This allows you to customize your Kirby in a variety of ways.

How do I get more skins in? Kirby’s Dream Buffet

committing identity fraud and wanting to gamble Kirby’s Dream Buffet as a meta knight? Or maybe you want “Carby” as a hat on your head. All you have to do is rise in rank.

There are 135 gourmet ranks Kirby’s Dream Buffet, each rewarding you with new in-game cosmetics and collectibles. You can even unlock more mini-games as you climb the ranks.

Look at the main menu and go to the rewards section to see all the rewards you’ve unlocked so far. You can also see how many you have left. not how fall guysyou don’t have to achieve specific goals every week.

How do I get more skins in? Kirby’s Dream Buffet

To get new skins in Kirby’s Dream Buffet, you need to level up fairly consistently. There are a total of 135 gourmet ranks you can achieve, each with different rewards. These range from new outfits and colors for Kirby to some additional mini-games.

From the main hub you can go left to the rewards menu to see all the rewards you’ve unlocked so far and how many you have left. Even if you still have a lot to unlock, the road ahead isn’t too scary.

The unlock requirements are nice and simple, and you don’t have to set specific goals like in other games like e.g fall guys. Instead, it’s simply about getting to the next Gourmet rank.

Screenshot via Nintendo

How to level up Kirby’s Dream Buffet

After each game you get some XP. How well you did in the ravenous race determines how much XP you win. Each time you level up, you’ll be presented with the new items you’ve unlocked.

In the early stages, each level only takes a few thousand XP to complete. That means new players level up quickly. However, as you level up, you’ll need a little more XP to level up.

Which skin is the hardest to get into? Kirby’s Dream Buffet?

Since each level requires more and more XP to reach it, the skins are the hardest to get in Kirby’s Dream Buffet are the ones you unlock at the highest levels.

All Costumes And How To Unlock Kirby's Dream Buffet - Gamer Journalist
Screenshot via Nintendo

Here are all the costumes:

  • Whipped cream – number two
  • Bandana Waddle Dee – Rank five
  • Kirby Burger – Eighth place
  • Car Mouth Cake – Rank 12
  • King Dedede – Rank 21
  • Meta Knight – Rank 24
  • Elfilin – Rank 30
  • Rick – Rank 35
  • Kine – Rank 37
  • Coo – Rank 39
  • Waddle Doo – Rank 45
  • Koch Kawasaki – Rank 53
  • Marx – Rank 57
  • Adeleine and Ribbon – Rank 62
  • Sticky – Rank 68
  • Chuchu – Rank 71
  • Daroach – Rank 75
  • Magolor – Rank 79
  • Taranza – Rank 83
  • Susi – Rank 88
  • Francisca – Rank 91
  • Flamberge – Rank 93
  • Zan Partizanne – Rank 95
  • Morpho Knight – Rank 99

And here are all the colors:

  • Kirby Pink, Keeby Yellow, Ice Blue, Tea Green – Rank One
  • FireRed – Rank three
  • Dee Orange – Sixth place
  • Burger Brown – Ninth place
  • Driving Sky – Rank 13
  • Strawberry – Rank 15
  • Dedede Blue – Rank 22
  • Meta Navy – Rank 25
  • Chocolate – Rank 27
  • Elf Peacock – Rank 31
  • Rick Cream – Rank 36
  • Kine Aqua – Rank 38
  • Coo Purple – Rank 40
  • Mint Chocolate – Rank 43
  • Doo Ketchup – Rank 46
  • Kawasaki Sunset – Rank 54
  • Marx Lilac – Rank 58
  • Adeleine Peach – Rank 63
  • Grape – Rank 65
  • Sticky Cobalt – Rank 69
  • Chuchu Rosy – Rank 72
  • Daroach Gray – Rank 76
  • Magolor Umbra – Rank 80
  • Taranza Chestnut – Rank 84
  • Susie White – Rank 89
  • Francisca Frost – Rank 92
  • Flamberge Scarlet – Rank 94
  • Zan Blitz – Rank 96
  • Morpho Midnight – Rank 100
  • Kiwi – Rank 104
  • Pumpkin – Rank 108
  • Custard – Rank 112
  • Cherry – Rank 116
  • Citrus – Rank 120
  • Orange – Rank 124
  • Shadow – Rank 128
  • Retro Tone – Rank 133

As you can see, there are many colors and cosmetics to unlock, allowing for an almost endless variety of mix-and-match looks. You can show off your skills by wearing skins and colors of the highest tier, or stick to your favorite looks to stand out from the crowd.

in the Kirby’s Dream Buffet, the skins do not affect your performance. They don’t make you faster, heavier or stronger. Instead, the cosmetics are only there to make you look unique. While the games can get competitive, there’s no denying that this game is all about having fun and getting big.

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