Exclusive: Dr. Acula Learn “How to Kill a Monster” in New Music Video

The dead will never really die, which might explain the fact that metalcore has been the enduring genre of choice for swept-haired teenagers for nearly two decades. Those who remember the early beginnings may remember Dr. Acula, the cult Long Island metalcore favorites who received as much love/hate for their keyboard flip member as they did for the music itself.

During their first run, which ended in 2012, MetalSucks were ruthless with the band. But because the MetalSucks staff is a benevolent bunch of critics and metal snobs, we decided to give Dr. Also called Acula and her forthcoming sixth album, critically re-evaluate dr Aculaabout her new music video for “How to Kill a Monster”.

First things first: Dr. Acula Sound a a lot of more modern on “How to Kill a Monster”. The songs themselves are more like Every Time I Die when they play Deathcore, with a much more serious perspective. No longer ghostbusters Samples, keyboards or Attila vibes. When the album was announced, bassist Rob Guarino told Dr. Acula’s changed approach.

“To put it bluntly, this chapter of Dr. Acula is a ‘party over’ vibe. When we started over 15 years ago it was all fun and games. We weren’t really paying attention. Now we’ve grown, our fans have grown and there’s a need to talk. Life isn’t great for most people these days and we wanted to write something that could touch on that. Those are the songs that move us personally, and we wanted to challenge ourselves to do that for someone else.”

“How to Kill a Monster” reflects the same feeling of the members of Dr. Acula, who in a joint statement explain that the new track is about politics in the United States.

“US politics has developed a fanaticism more akin to sports, except that politics has a real impact on our lives. People blindly cheer on their team and loathe the opposition with a superficial understanding of the policies they support and even less understanding of the impact on society. The reality is that both sides are making policies and taking actions that have a significant impact not only on the lives of the US people but on the entire world. This song is a fantastic vision of the elimination of those in power.”

I guess we really have all grown up. dr Acula will be released on October 28 via Silent Pendulum.

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