FedEx Cup playoff format draws criticism from prominent PGA Tour members Patrick Cantlay, Jon Rahm

Golf has tried many post-season iterations, and it’s apparently starting to take its toll.

The FedEx Cup Playoffs, in their current form, are a series of three tournaments that determine the winner of the season. They’ve burned in their own rules and quirks, like the leader from the first two events starting 10-under in the final.

The tournaments consist of the FedEx St. Jude Championship, the BMW Championship and the Tour Championship.

But as the battle for the soul of golf between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf rages on, the format is attracting some attention from current players, including defending champion Patrick Cantlay.

“It seems to get tweaked every year and I’m not exactly sure why,” Cantlay said after speaking about the difficulty of pinpointing a postseason in golf, according to Yahoo Sports. “We went to the one a few years ago where everyone starts with a different score. It still feels weird to me, the fact that it’s the Tour championship is kind of gone, which I think is a real shame.”

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Cantlay isn’t too keen on the cumulative nature of FedEx Cup scoring either, as it can lead to schedule packing.

“I definitely think with all the changes coming in January you’ll see the guys play a lot more in a shortened period, especially because – another one of my criticisms of the FedEx Cup is that it’s a collectible game. So the more events you play, the better chance you have of being on top, literally, because there’s no penalty for missing cuts.”

Jon Rahm was more explicit in his complaints about the uneven par system.

“I have taken a clear position on this in the past. I don’t think it’s the best system,” he said after being called “gracious” for accepting the system. “You don’t get to the Super Bowl and the team with the better record starts with a two-touchdown lead. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, but it’s the best choice we have right now. Or (Novak) Djokovic didn’t have a set advantage over (Nick) Kyrgios at Wimbledon. I understand that’s how the playoffs are made and I understand that it’s easier for the viewers and for us to know what’s going on.”

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This criticism is particularly loud for players defecting to LIV Golf, and some of the complaints are being addressed head-on by the Saudi-backed breakout league. Because every tournament exists in a vacuum, players start on an even footing.

Heading into Wednesday, Will Zalatoris leads the FedEx Cup standings with 3,680 points, tied with Scottie Scheffler and rumored soon-to-be LIV player Cameron Smith in third place. Cantlay is currently seventh and Rahm is 14th.

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