Five celebrities we love in Valentino

According to Maison Valentino, PINK PP is “the color of love, community, energy and freedom”. To celebrate these wonderful feelings, Valentino’s Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli has turned to two celebrities who represent everything that is right in the world: actress Zendaya and racing star Lewis Hamilton.

“Captured by Micheal Bailey Gates in a monochromatic and obsessive pink PP space, Zendaya has an attitude that evokes a sense of freedom. A freedom that appears neutral and transcends all feminine characteristics. All the images capture a moment that becomes a portrait, a movement,” reads the Maison’s press release. There is a video by Marcell Rev that features the notes of the Yazoo soundtrack and the song “Only You”, the same , who was played for the Valentino show, the American actress and singer is best known for her roles as Spider-Man’s girlfriend MJ (Michelle) Watson in Spider-Man: No Way Home as well as Chani, who shows up briefly as a teaser for things to come Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 film Dune. She is currently starring in the first two seasons of the HBO show euphoria, based on the Israeli series of the same name, stars Rue Bennett. A third season is planned for 2024.

Tawfeek Barhom in Cannes, photo courtesy of Valentino

Sir Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, takes the stage as Valentino’s first menswear DI.VAs for the new Men’s Pink PP ad campaign. The word stands for “DI.fferent VA.lues = DIVAS,” we’re told. With this, Piccioli continues on his conscious and progressive path of creating culture by establishing an authentic relationship with DI.VAs and becoming a real cultural comeback. From cinema, music, literature to sports, each DI.VAs plays a key role in upholding the new vision of winning diversity through association. Different faces that have the modern mantra of empathy and connection as a common thread.

The Still Image of Hamilton (see heading) is shot by Nicolas Kern and visually styled by Law Roach. The monochrome collection is the result of research and a need driven by the desire to create an enduring hue that communicates Valentino’s heritage through a modern lens. Where the Maestro used his iconic Valentino Red, Piccioli gives us a bright shade of pink.

In Cannes, Palestinian actor Tawfeek Barhom wowed on the red carpet and in Valentino ensembles. The young actor, who is always part of unorthodox projects that manage to get to the heart of important issues, starred in Tarik Saleh’s film boy from heaven, which won the Palm for Best Screenplay last May. Barhom’s previous films include Hany Abu-Assad’s the idolEran Riklis’ A borrowed identity and the original euphoria Miniseries created and written by Ron Leshem and directed by Dafna Levin.

Syrian singer Nassif Zeytoun was seen performing a Valentino ensemble from the Maison’s After Club collection at a concert July 30 in Beirut. Zeytoun was the 2010 winner of the Arabic reality TV show Star Academy. He is best known for his song “Mesh Aam Tezbat Maae” which was released in 2014. His music videos on YouTube have millions of views and he is popular with fans across the MENA region.

Egyptian actress Mai Omar also shared a beautiful Valentino dress styled with a matching bag and heels to her 11million+ Instagram followers. Omar is best known for her television work, which includes the 2021 series Misfit bloodlinethe 2020 series Al-Futua and the coming speed dosewhich is filmed in the United Arab Emirates.

All images courtesy of Valentino, used with permission.

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