Former Tiger Woods gal pal Rachel Uchitel offers advice to latest dumpee

Tiger Woods’ infamous former lover Rachel Uchitel offers advice – and a warning – for the golfer’s latest love victim.

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Woods has reportedly locked Herman out of his Florida mansion and now the pretty brunette is desperate to get out of her non-disclosure agreement with the troubled star. Uchitel knows what she’s talking about.

Herman claims that Woods owes her $30 million.

The former nightclub impresario signed an NDA with the much-married Woods after explosive 2009 revelations pulled back the curtain on their torrid affair.

American golfer Tiger Woods. Photo by Getty Images/Files /bang showbiz

Uchitel, 48, now says the NDA “ruined her life” by robbing her of the ability to fight back.

The pillow-lipped vixen told the tabloid that Herman’s road ahead will be tough: “A tiger doesn’t change its stripes.”


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“She’s up against a machine, she’s up against Goliath,” Uchitel said. “I went through that. I’ve spent many years fighting this, but who knows if she’s right or wrong. But it doesn’t matter – I’m not here to judge her or the circumstances.”

United States team playing Captain Tiger Woods and his girlfriend Erica Herman look on Saturday during four ball games on day three of the 2019 Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne Golf Course December 14, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. Photo by Darrian Traynor /Getty Images

When the National Enquirer blew up the Uchitel affair, it unleashed a torrent of grief for Woods. A flurry of women, from waitresses to granny pornstars, came forward with their own raunchy antics with the golfer. Uchitel says their NDA payday was $8 million.

But she told the Post she blew the dough and went bankrupt because his law firm relentlessly attacked her for claiming to be in breach of the deal.

“I fought this alone for over a decade, but my circumstances were different,” Uchitel told Us Weekly.

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“There’s a big difference [an NDA] signed at the beginning of a relationship so that the parties can come to an agreement [to] not sharing confidential information, and then signing a non-disclosure agreement to cover up bad behavior. The latter can ruin your life.”

Herman’s war with Woods began in October when he allegedly unlawfully evicted her from her Florida mansion. She accused him of “tricks”.

In court filings obtained by The Post, Harman alleges that Wood’s team “[Convinced her to] pack a suitcase for a short vacation and when she got to the airport they told her she had been locked out of her apartment, which violated the verbal lease and violated Florida law.”

Party girl Rachel Uchitel spilled the beans on Tiger Woods. GETTY IMAGES

The golfer’s attorneys said all claims would have to be settled by arbitration — outside of a court.

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She signed the NDA in August 2017 when the couple began dating.

But she wants the deal scraped. Herman applies the Speak Out Act, which allows such deals to be thrown out if there is evidence of sexual assault or harassment.

She reportedly ticked ‘YES’ on a questionnaire asking if there had been sexual abuse.

“Arbitration is essentially where NDAs are buried,” Uchitel told Us Weekly. “Everything is very calm and tidy in an arbitration. And no one ever hears about it again.”

She added to The Post, “If she wants to talk about this scenario privately, my door is always open…because I know it’s very, very hard to deal with publicly.”



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