Fortnite: How to Bounce off a Crash Pad and Fall for 9 Stories or More | Challenge Guide

fall from a great height.

Fortnite fall 9 stories or more crashpad challenge

Fourteen days Chapter 3: Season 3 is coming to an end. This season has been filled with crossovers, new weapons, map changes, and more. The Week 14 Challenges have arrived and are waiting to be completed. One of Fourteen days Challenges challenges you to bounce off a crash pad and fall 9 floors or more. Although the challenge sounds easy, there aren’t many places on the map where you can jump from such a great height.

Recently, Epic Games launched Fire with Fire Week, which revealed some weapons that can set the island on fire. The Dragon’s Breath shotgun, Primal Flame Bow, and Firefly Jars populate chests, provide drops, and are scattered all over the floor. As such, you may need to spend some time looting to acquire the Crash Pads you need to complete the challenge.

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How to bounce off a crash pad and fall 9 floors or more Fourteen days

To complete this challenge, you must select a playlist that has building enabled and make sure you harvest lots of materials. You have to look for some Crash Pads, which you can find in chests or on the ground with a bit of luck. Once you have everything you need, you can start constructing a building that is at least 9 stories tall. If you’re wondering how tall 9 floors is, a single wall marks a floor, so you’ll need to build a structure that’s at least 9 walls tall. After you reach the required height, place your Crash Pad on top of your structure and jump on it. On impact, your character is thrown into the air, but you take no fall damage.

Alternatively, you can always use the existing tall buildings on the island to complete this challenge. Grabbing a Crash Pad and using it to bounce off the top of the Cuddle Team Leader’s giant pink head in Rave Cave is an example that will give you more than enough height to complete the challenge.

All you have to do is complete the challenge, which asks you to bounce off a crash pad and fall down 9 floors Fourteen days once. You will receive 15,000 XP for your efforts. With Chapter 3: Season 3 ending in a few days, completing challenges is a useful way to earn extra XP for completing your Battle Pass.

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