GCW D.O.A. Japan (9/27/22) – Full Card, Preview, How to Watch

continuing his tour of Tokyo, Game changer wrestling returns for Shin-Kiba 1st RING GCW DOA – Dead on Arrival Japan. The independent wrestling powerhouse is dedicated to showcasing not only its most prominent US competitors, but also a host of Japanese wrestlers, some of whom have appeared for GCW in the past. Any wrestling fan following the scene in Japan will see many names that stand out DOA all the more worth seeing. For viewers around the world, rest assured that you won’t need to travel internationally to see the action as it will unfold on FITE. Here’s what to expect when the show takes place on September 27th.

GCW DOA Japan – Full Map

  • Ryuji Ito and Abdullah Kobayashi against Mance Warner and Cole Radrick
  • Violento Jack, Toshiyuki Sakuda, and Drew Parker versus Alex Colon, John Wayne Murdoch, and Rina Yamashita
  • Masato Tanaka and The Great Sasuke vs. Kikutaro and Jimmy Lloyd
  • Masashi Takeda vs. SHLAK
  • Strong Hearts (CIMA, T-Hawk and El Lindaman) vs. Joey Janela, Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne
  • Jun Kasai vs. EFFY

A duo of legends

Call up Masato Tanaka and The great Sasuke Wrestling legends would be an understatement for many fans. Not only have these men made careers in their home country, but they have become international stars, starring for promotions around the world. Not afraid of being brutally attacked, Tanaka made a career of putting his body on the line to win. Established in Japan with work for Frontier martial arts wrestlingWith her, “The Enforcer” gained fame in the USA Extreme Championship Wrestlingcapture the ECW World Heavyweight Champion and engage in a badass feud with the late mike awesome. Tanaka continues to wrestle today Pro wrestling ZERO1, Pro wrestling NOAHand elsewhere.

The career of the masked Great Sasuke, known for his airstrikes, has spanned three decades. During this time he has played countless matches Michinoku Pro WrestlingFMW and New Japanese pro wrestling, just to name a few organizations. His achievements are also worldwide including the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship and even 2 WWF Light Heavyweight Championships. Those who follow Michinoku Pro will still see him wrestling in said company to this day. at GCW DOA – Dead on Arrival JapanTanaka and Sasuke team up to battle the fun lover Kikutaro and deathmatch wrestling enthusiast Jimmy Lloyd. While this might seem like a mismatch on paper, it’s a tag team competition to keep an eye on.

Strong Hearts debut at GCW

Her game changer wrestling debut DOA is the trio of CIMA, T Hawkand El Lindaman of strong hearts Fraction. Fans of the early days of All elite wrestling will know this trio as they have attended a number of events including the first double or nothing and several episodes of AEW dark. They also appeared for Major League Wrestling in 2019 with a view of the dominant counter unit in a lost effort. Internationally, however, Strong Hearts is a better known unit, with CIMA as the charismatic frontman at the helm. If you are a fan of NICE Promotion in Japan, you have most likely seen the various members of this group in action. From an in-ring standpoint, their work rarely fails to capture viewers’ attention.

at DOA, Strong Hearts a daunting challenge awaits you. CIMA, T-Hawk and El Lindaman are said to take over Nick Wayne, JordanOliverand “The Bad Boy” itself, Joey Janela. As 3 of the more prominent competitors at GCW, Wayne, Oliver and Janela bring different elements to the table. Wayne and Oliver are two high-flying upstarts, full of potential, aiming to achieve bigger things in wrestling. Meanwhile, Janela is equal parts confident and prone to throwing caution to the wind, which has helped him thrive in various organizations. Which trio will take home the win next DOA?

A charismatic deathmatch

One of the first originally announced games GCW DOA – Dead on Arrival Japan is probably the most fascinating thing on paper. “The Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai will make his GCW return against one of the promotion’s most popular wrestlers, EFFIE. Considering how both men pride themselves on being charismatic, you’d think this match isn’t as offbeat as it seems. For the uninitiated, Kasai began his in-ring career in the summer of 1998 and established himself not only as a skilled deathmatch competitor, but also as a capable technical wrestler, capable of fully utilizing both styles. With the deathmatch scene at its peak in the late 1990s, Kasai was right in the thick of it and established itself as a name to watch. He started working for Big Japan Pro Wrestling before bringing his talents to FMW, ZERO1 and Battle Zone Wrestlingamong other actions.

Kasai’s achievements over the years are not to be scoffed at either. Next to one CZW Tournament of Death Victory 2014 he won gold in several organizations. In addition to tag team titles, BJW, CZW and ice bandhe secured gold Pro Wrestling FREEDOMSand became 5-time King of FREEDOM World Champion. Despite the punishment his body has taken over the years, Kasai continues to compete at a high level and it will be no different when he returns to GCW, who last competed for the company in August 2019 when he defeated G Raver in a death match. Can he hold his own against EFFY, who is no wimp when it comes to the more violent side of wrestling? Tune in GCW DOA – Dead on Arrival Japan find out.

The GCW DOA Japan takes place in Tokyo, Japan on September 27, 2022.

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