Global Warming Solutions (GWSO) Announces The Completion of Latest Test Cycle for “EcoHydroGen” System with NWUAV, Delivering Cost-Effective On-Demand Hydrogen and Electricity Solution Without Costly Infrastructure

Global Warming Solutions (GWSO) announces the completion of the latest test cycle for the “Green Hydrogen” system with NWUAV, delivering a cost-effective, on-demand hydrogen and power solution without costly infrastructure.

Global Warming Solutions (GWSO) announces the successful completion of the final test cycle of its “EcoHydroGen” system. This system is designed to provide pure on-demand hydrogen and electricity to green vehicles, buildings, homes and facilities without costly infrastructure.

Tests were conducted in the state of Oregon at Northwest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (NWUAV) ( Premises with the participation of representatives from AQST USA (designers and system builders).

During testing, the new temperature control system provided more stable and reliable temperature conditions to evaluate the relationship between temperature and hydrogen production. The data collected from the tests shows a significant increase in hydrogen production in the range of five times more than the results obtained in November 2022 during the first test.

Artem Madatov, GWSO Chief Scientific Officer, said:

We were able to significantly increase the hourly output of the EcoHydroGen hydrogen system by improving the temperature control mechanism.

AQST also had the opportunity to better understand how the EcoHydroGen system can be deployed in the field and adapted to the customer’s needs. Data collected during testing was analyzed and studied by AQST to improve future iteration designs and develop a more reliable and cost-effective design to meet the hydrogen needs of multiple applications, from stationary units to mobile units for transportation.

Based on the data collected and the results of several tests developed in our laboratories and external facilities, we expect that the operating costs of the “EcoHydroGen” system will be significantly lower, based on the raw material costs and the way we manage ours Unit designed to make device replacement accessible without costly infrastructure, environmental safety issues and logistical challenges.

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JoelSmith President AQST-USA said:

We are beyond thrilled with the results we are seeing with the EcoHydroGen system.

“The repeatable results of the EcoHydroGen system have exceeded our expectations! There is no question that this technology delivers net-zero emissions energy and lowers operating costs for the end user. This technology will support both stationary and mobile applications and will change the way we store electricity and generate hydrogen on demand with one system.”

ChrisHarris President/Owner of Northwest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (NWUAV), America’s trusted leader in UAV propulsion and integrated solutions, said:

It was great to have GWSO/AQST on site at NWUAV last week to demonstrate their EcoHydroGen technology.

“It is exciting to see the further development of this green technology and possible applications for the future.”

Stated—Michael Pollastro President of Global Warming Solutions, Inc. said:

Experts believe that hydrogen will outperform battery technology in some applications due to its higher energy density, meaning it can store more energy per unit weight or volume than batteries.

“This makes hydrogen better suited for applications that require large amounts of energy and long range, such as heavy-duty transport, long-distance transport and aerospace. In addition, hydrogen fuel cells only emit water vapor as a by-product, making them cleaner than traditional internal combustion engines that emit greenhouse gases and air pollutants.

But battery technology also has advantages in other areas such as stationary energy storage and short-range electric vehicles. Ultimately, our future end-users don’t have to choose between specific applications because we have both covered.”

Global Warming Solutions (GWSO) Announces Completion of Latest Test Cycle for “EcoHydroGen” System with NWUAV, Delivering Low-Cost, On-Demand Hydrogen and Electricity Solution Without Costly Infrastructure, Temecula, CA, March 8, 2023

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