Here’s how to tell if you’re talking to a deepfake

As deepfake technology continues to improve, experts are increasingly concerned about the opportunities it presents for criminal behavior. From industrial espionage to scamming people out of their savings, there are all kinds of crimes that authorities fear could be committed by people impersonating someone else through deepfake videos.

So far, we’ve mostly seen deepfakes being used for things as harmless and amusing as incorporating Harrison Ford into the unforgettable 2018 prequel Solo: A Star Wars Story or Back to the Future starring Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr to play. While this is fun, projects like this raise the possibility that deepfake technology could be used for more nefarious purposes.

However, a study published by has suggested a possible countermeasure. It suggests there’s a simple test that could give you away if you suspect you’re on a video call with a scammer.

Examples of celebrity deepfakes that have been revealed

Examples of celebrity deepfake disclosures (Image credit:

The trick is very simple: simply ask the person you are speaking to to turn to the side. ran a series of tests on tech guru Bob Doyle using deepfake technology to turn him into various famous people including Ryan Reyolds, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise and even Alexandra Daddario. Viewed from the front, all of the deepfakes looked pretty convincing. However, when Doyle was asked to turn 90° sideways to present a profile view, the forgery was immediately revealed.

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