Here’s the Latest Date You’ll Receive Tax Forms This Year

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The due date for filing your 2022 taxes is fast approaching. The last thing you want is to be almost done filing only to realize it jYou are missing a critical form. Did you misplace it? Didn’t it ever arrive? Is it still in the mail and you’re freaking out for nothing?

You can avoid this added uncertainty during an already stressful process by brushing up on all the other key tax deadlines you should know for 2023. Here are the latest dates you should receive tax forms this year, so you know when to file your taxes — and when to follow up on a missing form.

Tax data you need to know

For most taxpayers, the filing deadline for 2022 returns is Tuesday April 18, 2023. This is also the deadline for requesting an extension to file your returns while continuing to pay the taxes owed. If you want to file taxes before the deadline—which we highly recommend– You need to know when to wait for all your tax forms to arrive in the mail.

You should have received yours W-2 meanwhile, since employers are required to send this form until January 31st for the salary of the previous calendar year. Most 1099 Forms also have a January 31 deadline, but some had to be mailed first February 15, 2023. If you have not received or misplaced these forms, you can ask your employer for a copy. Even banks have to send 1099-INT Forms (indicating any interest earned for the year) until January 31st.

Therefore, most taxpayers should be done waiting for tax forms by now. However, there are exceptions. For example, Karl Schwab points out that for some, the latest date they could receive tax forms is actually September 15, 2023. Of course that is long after the April 18 tax day. This is because Schedule K-1 forms (designated for business partnership investments), although scheduled to be issued by March 15, may receive a six-month extension. until September 15th. When that happens, it will the task of the taxpayer Apply for an extension of the deadline.

Don’t hesitate any longer your taxes

It pays to file early, but you still want to be thorough with your taxes. Errors and missed deadlines usually mean omission on potential tax saving measures. Start working on your return now to give yourself time ieo it carefully, and seek professional help with tax preparation if necessary.

Gather any document, form, or receipt you need to decide whether you should itemize your deductions — and just make sure you have everything you need in one place.

Note: April 18th is also the last day until Contribute to your IRA or HSA for the 2022 tax year for individual income tax returns, so now is also the time to start planning how to maximize your savings.

Make sure you’re up to date Changes you should know before filing your taxes this year— namely, to say goodbye to all the increases in pandemic aid credits of recent years — and crack open to get all your tax forms.


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