Highly Concentrated Serum Ampoule, Matte Makeup Drive Latest Google Searches: Spate

While glowing skin will always be a major beauty trend in skincare, the glowing aesthetic in makeup is currently taking a backseat to the modern matte look. Spate shares his research and insights into these two latest beauty trends driving the market.

Exploring azulene and panthenol as serum ingredients

Azulene sees an average of 1,300 searches per month and +82.9% YoY growth.

In the skin care world, Korea is known for its 10-step routines, innovative ingredients, unique formulations and effective results.

Now, Spate, a New York City-based market research firm, is investigating the top-growing ingredients sought after in Korea besides vials. An ampoule is a highly concentrated serum that delivers a powerful dose of active ingredients to the skin. It is typically used as a treatment step after cleansing and toning before moisturizing.

Azulene sees an average of 1,300 searches per month and +82.9% YoY growth. It neutralizes free radicals and can prevent cell damage from sun exposure, which often leads to skin discoloration. Azulene is used in ointments and ointments to soothe various skin conditions and irritations due to its soothing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. As demand for hyperpigmentation treatment solutions grows in the US (+4.6% YoY growth in hyperpigmentation laser searches), Spate says it’s worth it for brands to explore interest in azulene as a serum ingredient.

Panthenol is another coveted ingredient in skincare that works wonders as a moisturizer. Studies have shown that it helps reduce transepidermal water loss, which is the amount of water that evaporates through the skin. Even products containing as little as 1% panthenol can quickly hydrate the skin, resulting in a more supple and youthful appearance. With many Korean skincare trends centered on moisture—think dewy dumpling skin, glass skin, and slugging—it’s no surprise that searches for moisturizers outside of skincare are up +7.6% in Korea.

Matte makeup is trending on TikTok

In the last month, views for matte makeup have increased by 31.7% on TikTok. This is one of the fastest growing TikTok makeup trends this month, signaling a potential shift away from the glow aesthetic. Though some may fear the return of 2016’s “pie face,” the growing #mattemakeup look is one to keep a close eye on, says Spate. This recurring trend is a great content creation opportunity and an important signal for product developers to consider ways to create a modern matte product.


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