Hobo: Tough Life – How To Make Money Fast

Each survival game offers its own unique set of challenges. Stranded on a tropical island, the player must search for water and shelter from the sun. Abandoned on a frozen mountain, keeping warm and running away from wolves takes priority instead.

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Even by the standards of survival games, Hobo: Hard life is a unique and difficult experience. While it may not be entirely realistic, the game’s portrayal of homelessness and poverty can be difficult to come to terms with in more ways than one. Players naturally want to get the food and other supplies they need to survive, and to do that they need to earn money, which isn’t always easy when you’re homeless. Here are some of the best ways in the game to make money fast.


Quests and odd jobs

One of the best ways to make money in the game, especially in the beginning when the player has almost nothing and is just trying to get by, is through questing. In this regard, however, there are various options To make money fast, Langos’ first quest is one of the best options. After that, the player can always go to pawnshop for a longer search.

Langos is in the camp behind the stone bridge, near the pit where the player starts the game. He wants the player to pick up some scrap metal, a quest that doesn’t take long and rewards the player well. The scrap metal is in a trailer at the nearby sugar refinery. The player must use a Lockpick to open the trailer and steal the scrap metal, leading to a break-in Moral, but selling the four pieces of scrap earns the player money 120 coins for just a few minutes of work. The best survival games are known for their difficult decisions, but this one is easy to make.

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passing by employment exchange Taking a temporary job is another great way to earn some extra money. Street Sweeping is fast, easy and earns the player money 100 coins for just a few minutes of work. The player must be careful not to be ambushed by local crooks. Just because you’re not playing the hero of a survival horror game doesn’t mean there aren’t any dangers in the world. Despite this, it’s still an easy job for a quick cash inflow. Best of all, the player doesn’t need any special resources or advanced skills to get the job done.

begging and coin collection

Quest lines and odd jobs are some of the most profitable ways to make money fast Hobo: hard life, but they are not the only ways. Begging is an essential method of making money that no player should neglect. Whether the player is in the middle of a quest or just wandering around town, it’s always worth stopping to beg from nearby townsfolk. Even if the player is rejected, their Beg Skills will increase for effort, making it easier for the player to make money in the future. It’s a harsh world, but begging at least gives the player a chance.

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Another excellent way to make money is by checking the Pay phones and vending machines throughout the city for small change. While they only offer a handful of coins at a time, they are numerous enough that the player can quickly amass a good amount of money by diligently checking each and every one that they pass. Through a combination of quests, odd jobs, begging and hunting for change, this underrated survival title allows the player to earn enough money fast to survive on the streets of Praslav.

Hobo: Hard life is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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