How Much To Mail A Postcard

Typically, postage makes up the bulk of the total price. To mail at commercial rates, your campaign needs at least 500 pieces.

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Find out how much it costs to send a postcard.

How much to mail a postcard. On january 21, 2018, the usps postcard rate for a single postcard under first class mail went up by one cent to 35 cents. Sending a postcard is an extremely affordable way to communicate when you’re using the u.s postal service—regular postcards cost only $0.35 to mail! Postcards and other mail larger than 4.25” by 6” qualify for marketing mail/standard mail postal rates.

Larger postcards can be sent, but the postage will be the same as for letters. If you mail less than 500 6” x 11” size postcards, you’ll again pay 55¢ per piece (no thanks!). The cost of a direct mail postcard is dependent on several factors:

Large postcards have maximum dimensions of 11 1/2 x 6 1/8 and can measure up to 1/4 thick, and cost up to $.50 to send, the same as first class. Try a 1,000, 500, or even 100 postcard campaign and measure your response rates. Depending on the distribution of the mailing list and class of mail postage should costs between $17/1000 and $49/1000.

Enhance how your customers interact and engage with mail. A standard a6 postcard is treated the same as a small letter and costs 76p for the 1st class service or if you choose 2nd class the postcard stamp cost is 65p. 3½″ x 5″ to 4¼″ x 6″ minimum of 500 mail pieces:

The size of the postcard, the number of colors you use and the complexity of design. (or most/all of north america) is €2,20. Standard class is an inexpensive way to mail a group of identical pieces, but standard class mail is processed after first class.

Postage (bulk rate mail) size of postcard: You may think that your mailpiece is a postcard, because it is a single sheet of paper. Direct mail costs direct mail pieces can cost anywhere from 30 cents to more than $10 per person, depending on how much you spend on design, marketing copy, mailing lists, printing, and distribution.

This is followed closely by sri lanka at an equivalent of $0.19 and taiwan at $0.20 for certain destinations. Here is our guide to postcard postage rate. To qualify for postcard pricing, your mailer must be at least 3 ½” high, 5” long and 0.007” thick (approximately the thickness of an index.

Sending a postcard within the uk is good value using the royal mail. You don’t have to launch a 5,000 postcard campaign right off the bat. However, they will most likely only have those for standard postage in germany(45 cents) or have no idea of the costs for a postcard overseas.

Let’s say that you have that amount and more. Some organizations do much of this inhouse and wind up only paying for printing and mailing. A post office or post agency will be your best bet, either buy from the counter or from a stamp machine.

To send a postcard to an international destination the rate is $1.15. At the time this was written (january 2017), the cost to mail a standard size postcard or standard size letter weighing 20g or less (less than 0.7oz) from italy to the u.s. So you can send a postcard from the usa to canada, the usa to uk, usa to mexico, it doesn’t matter which country you are sending your postcard to it will cost $1.20 to send it from the united states.

Larger postcards can be sent, but they are treated the same as letters; Most postcards will qualify to be sent at the usps letter standard rate. Postage (if using a stamp) first class:

Hotels may or may not have stamps, ditto for shops selling postcards. This has been the rate for at least 2 years now. Usps offers direct mail advertising promotions and incentives to help you continuously invest in the future of your business, and promote best practices for integrating direct mail with mobile technology and highlight new products and other innovative mailing.

Each mailing at standard class prices must consist of at least 200 pieces. Make sure that you've added the correct amount of stamps and properly addressed the card. A postcard worldwide by air mail is 75 cents.

Sending a postcard is an affordable way to communicate. There are fees for the cost of design and printing, and separate fees for postage. Postcards can be sent to any other country for $1.15 if the postcard is no larger than 4.25 inches by 6 inches.

Typically a standard class postcard arrives within a few days for local mail, but as much as a few weeks if mailing throughout the usa. Find a post office or a public mail drop box in your area. A postcard is a rectangular mailer sent without an envelope.

The cheapest postcard postage cost you’ll find anywhere worldwide starts in swaziland at the equivalent of $0.15. However, if you mail more than 500 6” x 11” size postcards at a time, here are the savings: Printing can cost anywhere from $3.50/1,000 to $30/1,000 depending on the design, quantity, paper choice, and size of the postcard.

If you're abroad, allow at least a week or two for the letter to reach its destination. Once you're certain, mail the postcard as you would a normal letter. The postage will depend on the postcard's size and weight.

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