How to Apply Blush, According to Makeup Artists

Use your fingers. Use a brush. apples of cheeks, always. wait what are you doing Apply the product to your cheekbones. Overwhelming, isn’t it? Everyone out there, from your mom to your favorite TikTok beauty influencer, will tell you another *right* way to apply the best blush. But the truth is, there’s no set recipe for getting the perfect conditioner. However, there are options, techniques, tips and tricks to help you on your blush application journey. “I really think this is so individual to each person’s face, face shape and comfort level,” explains Omnia Executive Makeup Artist Dominique Lerma.

Here we bring you the best blush application tips in the industry. From the best spot for your rosy blush according to your face shape, to the product color that best suits your skin tone, and every little piece of advice in between, here’s exactly how to apply blush, according to the experts.

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