How to assess relationship readiness of self and another?

At the core of every human being is the deep need to belong! By being intentional, we not only belong, but better relate to everyone and everything around us. Intentional dating is all about conscious love!

Conscious Love: How to be Conscious?

At the core of every human being is a deep need to belong!

By being intentional, we not only belong, but better relate to everyone and everything around us. Intentional living builds the life you desire. Intentional dating is all about conscious love!

Conscious love leads to stronger relationships over time when both are committed to self work, progress and growth.

Assessment of self’s willingness to relate

There are millions of checklists out there to assess your relationship readiness, but sometimes it’s better to ditch some of those rigid checklists that have accumulated over the years and try something simpler, lighter, and more giving.

What are you looking for?

To start in one place with a clear vision of what you are looking for; what is the type of relationship you would like to have; how do you know where it comes from?

While we hear a lot about self-love, its practical application means something different to everyone. The fact that we choose to control each outcome hinders self-work, hinders conscious love and conscious dating.

Living how you want, being what you want, and being able to give more of what you want paves the way to deep love through a genuine sense of readiness for and toward a relationship. Observing patterns is essential and crucial if you want to build the healthy relationship that can come from stepping into mindfulness and not blaming or playing victim. It’s not about reactions, it’s about answers to find a solution and move forward.

We heard what you feed grows. Where your attention goes your energy flows, in other words you attract more of what you empower – be it fear, love or hate. For example, intention means being absolutely honest with yourself and committing to building a relationship that you want.

Assessing someone else’s (your partner’s) willingness to relate

Open conversations are key to a successful relationship.

When you start dating there are conversations that are necessary and there is no need to be shy or embarrassed. It’s important to ask them what they’re looking for and tell them about your questions. Is there an overlap between the two? If so, take this shot. If not, keep going. The types of boundaries you set will evolve, as will your fears. So it’s necessary to have those awkward conversations and remember that if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Talia Bombola, Relationship Coach, Assertiveness and Confidence Expert says: “After a year of being together, conversations should focus on where the relationship is going, where it should go, finances, transparency with a focused approach on either a live in a Situation or marriage or whatever it means to you to build a life together and how it works.”

Conscious love helps gauge relationship readiness, grows over time through pain, fear, heals old hurts, and increases intimacy through exposure to short-sighted truths.

1) To assess relationship readiness, assess if you have a common goal that is individual growth, shared growth as a couple, and collective growth that makes the world a better place.

2) Self-work is constant throughout the assessment journey as a relationship develops.

Listen to podcasts, read, do the work to address your triggers and responses.

3) Communication may not be easy for some, and that’s all the more reason to work on expressing your feelings, to observe how they are received. Women usually hesitate to ask men where the relationship is going, if there is no clarity that is your answer.

Talia says, “When they say something, listen to what they say, because therein lies your answer. If they say they don’t know, don’t wait for them to know. Let them know and come to you when they need it. You are not responsible for building and rebuilding because you are not Bob the Builder!”



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