How to Assign Checklist Items in Google Docs

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Ready to start delegating? Google implemented the checklist feature in Google Docs to easily manage tasks in your document. In line with this, you now have the option of assigning items to your checklist.

When you collaborate with others on Google Docs, you can make sure everyone contributes. Create a checklist of tasks or duties, assign them to the appropriate team members, and even include due dates.

Note: The feature is available for Google Workspace and legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers. It’s not available to people with personal Google accounts.

Create a checklist in Google Docs

Just like using a numbered or bulleted list in Google Docs, a checklist works in basically the same way. You can select the list type and type your bullet points, or select existing text and apply the checklist.

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To start a checklist, select the Checklist button on the toolbar or Format > Bullets & Numbering > Checklist in the menu.

Checklist button on the toolbar

You’ll see your first checkbox added and ready for your first list item. Type the list item, press Enter or Return, and type the next item until your list is complete.

Add checklist items

Alternatively, if you already have your points in the document, you can turn them into a checklist. Select the text that contains the items you want in the list.

Select text for a checklist

Click the Checklist button on the toolbar or choose Format > Bullets & Numbering > Checklist from the menu.

Checklist button on the toolbar

You then have your checklist and can start mapping.

Assign checklist items

Once you have a checklist set up in Google Docs, assigning items is easy.

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Place your cursor on the list item you want to assign, or move your cursor to the left of the check box. Then click the Assign as task icon shown on the left.

Select the Responsible field and select a contact from the list. If you haven’t already shared the document with your assignee, you’ll be prompted to do so when you assign the item.

officer for a task

If you want to specify a due date, select the “Date” field and choose one from the pop-up calendar.

Due date for a task

Select “Assign as Task” when done.

Assign a task button

The person’s Google icon or profile picture is displayed next to the checklist item.

What the officer sees

If you’ve enabled Google Tasks for people in your domain, they can manage assigned checklist items in their to-do list.

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When the people you share the document with view the document, they can hover over an assigned task to see details.

Assigned task details

After an assignee completes a task on the list, they simply check the box, which is then crossed out and the text dims to indicate it’s complete.

Completed task in Google Docs

You will also receive an email notification when checklist items are marked as complete.

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Edit or remove an assigned task

You can change the assignee, change the due date, or remove the task assignment. Hover over the task assignee icon to see the details.

  • To make a change, select “Edit”. Change the assignee or due date and click Save.
  • To remove the association, choose the Delete (trash can) icon.

Edit and save or delete a task

Assigning tasks for checklist items in Google Docs is a great way to keep everyone on track. For more information, see Assign tasks in Google Drive.

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