How to Be the ‘Personality Hire’ at Your Next Job

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You know the token “Funny” at your workplace? Well, these colleagues are self-aware, and they are speaking out. It’s called “personality hiring.” The term is trending on TikTok of those who claim that their charisma got them their job, not the qualifications on their CV.

Beyond the jokes and self-deprecation, there’s some truth to the art of showing employers that you have a good personality. There’s a lot that goes into charming your conversationalists – like with the how important it is to prepare stories– but to what extent is personality hire a real thing? I spoke to Toni Frana, career sservices mangry with FlexJobs and Here’s what you need to know about the role your personality could play in landing your next job.

Personality is key, but it’s not everything

The idea of ​​a true “personal hire” – someone with no skills, just vibes – is a bit of a stretch. In most industries personality alone will not get you a job. Still, Frana points out that HR and Hiring managers evaluate factors beyond the requirements of the job. They can do this by asking key questions related to a candidate’s cultural fit or “how well their personality, character, values, and career goals align with the organization.” Finally, many employers use the hiring process to gain as much insight as possible into whether or not you really fit the company in the long run.

The reality, of course, is that not all job seekers are evaluated equally. You could excel in a job interview and still lose to the manager’s son or brother. Or maybe your incredible sense of humor doesn’t match the old white man conducting your interview. The idea of ​​”personal hiring” is fraught with privilege, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

Personality can make all the difference during the hiring process

As Frana puts it, “While skills can often be taught, the personality must fit the team.” Your sense of humor, communication style, and likability will have a strong influence the interview process. In fact, Frana finds that even if you don’t perfectly match all job qualifications, personality can tip the scales in your favor. Show with your unique personality that you will have a positive impact on your future workplace.

Tips to let your personality shine in the interview

It’s not always easy to let your beautiful personality shine through. After all, for most of us, a job interview is not the ideal place to relax and “be yourself”. Especially when you’re burned out from applying for job after job and rarely getting a response.

However, Frana emphasizes that optimism really distinguishes employers. Really try to show aspects of your personality like optimism throughout the process, from your cover letter to the final interview. According to Frana, here are the top personality traits that hiring managers value:

  • professionalism
  • reliability
  • leadershipCapability
  • friendliness
  • trust
  • intelligence
  • trainability
  • empathy
  • Seleven-awere
  • friendliness
  • integrity

balance Your personality with professionalism

While Frana recommends “showing a sense of lightness and humor” during the interview, she strongly advises you to remain professional nonetheless. Some of the best ways to let your personality shine while remaining professional at the interview are:

  • Have a story ready to break the ice within the first 30 seconds of your interview. It doesn’t have to be work-related, but it should still be work-related (eg. something about volunteering or a family vacation).
  • Smile while telling a story about a positive work experience.
  • Don’t be afraid to say whatever you want to say to your future boss, as long as you do it with respect.
  • Pretend Your interview is simply a conversation between the two of you that can help you focus on actually having fun and represent your personality, skills and experience in the best possible light.

take that away

Although charisma may not get you a job, your personality can help you gain an advantage. Stand out from other applicants by appearing as a versatile, likeable person. And while you’re ripping your interviewer’s pants off, make sure you’re ready answer these questions that you can expect in almost any job interview.

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