How to Beat Starscourge, General Radahn as a Pacifist

By software elden ring, which was released in February 2022, has become a worldwide hit and was even recently named Japan’s game of the year. The game has been praised for everything from its stunning visuals to its imaginative, sprawling world-building and story. And with rumors of DLC distribution, fans are getting more and more involved in beating the game.

One thing that elden ring is particularly known for its incredibly difficult bosses and the wide range of weapons and spells that players can use to fight them. However, there is one challenge run that is particularly daunting: the Pacifist Run, where players cannot land a single attack hit. This challenge is especially difficult against one of the game’s most intimidating bosses, Starscourge Radahn. And while taking down the General as a pacifist is difficult, it is possible – players must create a powerful pacifist build, invest in flasks, and know how to deal damage without attacking the Star Court.

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Prophet is the ideal starting class for the Pacifist

The ideal class to start a pacifist run and eventually face Radahn is the Prophet class. Prophets start with 10 Dexterity and Power, which aids in character’s health, spellcasting, and speed. They also have a whopping 16 faith that can be invested in powerful healing summons and buffs.

Prophets start with a basic healing spell and the finger seal to cast it. But they can go even further by collecting Earth Tree Healing from Leyendell, Capital of Ash. Earth Tree Heal grants superior healing not only to the caster but also to all allies, including summons, which is especially important in Radahn combat. Erdtree Heal costs 42 Faith, which is quite an investment, but will pay off for a pacifist looking to maintain their HP.

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Invest in flasks to take on Radahn

in the elden ring, Flasks are used to replenish HP (health) and FP (which goes towards sorcery). For a pacifist build gearing up to battle Radahn, players need to make sure they have most of their bottles invested in HP. In this way, players have many opportunities to restore their HP during the grueling and long battle.

In addition to HP and FP Flasks, players can use the Wondrous Physics Flask, which combines Crystal Tears for different effects. Useful Crystal Tears for a Pacifist to pick up that focus on healing are Crimson Crystal Tear, which restores half of the player’s HP, Crimson Bubbletear, which restores HP when the player is near death, and Crimsonburst Crystal Tear, which HP regenerates time. Crimsonspill Crystal Tear, which increases the player’s HP pool, and Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear, which converts damage taken into HP, are also very helpful.

Some heals, including the Earth Tree heal, also require stamina to cast, but the HP and FP flasks do not restore stamina. For this, players should use the Greenspill Crystal Tear and the Greenburst Crystal Tear, both of which increase the player’s stamina.

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Damage and defeat General Radahn

Unlike many other boss fights in elden ring‘s main story, Spirit Ashes cannot be summoned to aid the player. Most pacifists rely on Spirit Ashes as they deal damage instead of the character. However, General Radahn’s story leads to other subpoenas being exactly what pacifists must exploit to defeat him. The player is invited to take part in the Radahn Festival in Redmane Castle, the aim of which is to send out warriors to defeat the giant that roams the Wailing Wastes in Caelid. And the Tainted One isn’t the only one attending the festival.

General Radahn’s combat is unique because it allows for multiple NPC summons scattered across the wastelands. Available to summon are Great Horned Tragoth, Lionel the Lionhearted, Okina, Alexander the Iron Fist, Blaidd the Half-Wolf, Patches, and Finger Maiden Therolina. These NPCs are not particularly strong compared to Radahn and are killed quickly, which would normally spell the end of the fight for a pacifist player with no other options. However, the unique nature of the Radahn Festival means that the NPCs can be resummoned upon death, meaning the Torrent player only has to ride from one summoning stone to another, keeping the NPCs in-game and away from themselves. This allows players to defeat Starscourge Radahn as a pacifist.

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