How To Beat The Arissola Dojo

dojos in temtem are a milestone for players where they prove their power against the dojo masters and advance in the game. As temtem Inspiration, Pokemon and theirs Pokemon Gyms, Dojos have specific themes and Temtem types.

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After defeating Lady Lottie at Windward Fort and freeing Sophia, she returns to her Dojo in Arissola. This is the first dojo that players will encounter. It focuses on Wind and Water type Temtem. To advance further in the story, players must fight Sophia, who is at the top level of this dojo. This handy guide tells players how to reach Sophia and which Temtem she will use in her battle.



The Arissola Dojo, befitting its wind and water typing, is an intricate maze with the sea lapping at the lower platforms. Players have to navigate their way and use different tornado and tsunami geysers that fire randomly and lift the player to different levels.

Some of these platforms lead to dead ends or unnecessary, inevitable fights, so players must be quick and careful to reach Sophia safely.

How to reach Sophia, the dojo master of Arissola

As mentioned, Sophia is located on a raised platform in the Arissola Dojo, and it is quite a task for players to reach her! When you enter the dojo, go right and fall to the Master of Ceremonies NPC. Talk to them and go north to the speed ramp.

From there there are two water geysers. Take the left one and land on a strip of land with three speed ramps. Sprint past these ramps to open a chest containing two Tonic+.

Players must then take the ramp closest to them and put it in a tamer’s path.

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temtem up, defeat them and go to the nearest water geyser nearby.

There is another pair of tamers to fight in this new platform. Defeat them and move on. There are four speed ramps here, all leading to different platforms, and some unnecessary battles. Each battle allows players to earn some Pansun, so it’s a good way to get some much-needed currency.

Players must keep moving forward and use the third ramp to reach their goal.

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Except for a speed ramp, this platform is empty. So use these to get to the next level.

Head north from here and talk to the character wearing a tropical patterned shirt. They will explain that Sophia is expecting the player so they can continue. Open the two chests here, which contain two Balm+ and two Revives. Then take the speed ramp on the right to continue.

Before the final battle, two final tamers must fight: the first and second lieutenants of the dojo. However, these are simple. Once they are defeated, take the water geyser to reach Sophia and start this boss fight.

The fight against Sophia

Sophia’s team consists of the six Temtem listed below, all between levels 17 to 22.

temtem Type Weakness feature
Kalabyss water and toxic electric, wind Toxic Skin – Inflicts the poison condition for two turns on any attacker that hits the wielder with a physical technique.
Loali nature and wind fire, poisonous Botanist – Increases the damage of the wearer’s Nature techniques by 15%.
Thrifty electric crystal, earth Last Rush – Increases the damage of the wielder’s techniques by an additional 40% while the rival’s Temtem conscious exceeds that of the wielder’s squad.
piggy wind electric Friendship – Protects the possessor from being affected by their ally’s damage-dealing techniques.
Tuwai wind electric Spoilsport – Increases the damage of the owner’s techniques targeting the enemy team by 25%. Exclusive to Tuwai.
Oceana water Electric, Natural, Toxic Hydrologist – Increases the damage of the wearer’s aquatic techniques by 15%.

It is recommended that players train their team in the level range of 20 and above to make the battle easier. Since it uses the Water and Wind types, players should make sure to prioritize the Nature, Toxic, and Electric types available.

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Ganki and Scarawatt are two powerful Electro-types that can be trapped in Windward Fort, where players would previously have rescued Sophia.

Weekly rematches

Once players have defeated Sophia, they can face her again in weekly rematches. A teleporter is available when players enter the Arissola Dojo so they don’t have to bypass the maze again.

Players cannot use items in these duels, so they must strategize and choose their Temtem roster carefully. The only Temtem that remains consistent is their Oceara. Your other Temtem will be randomly selected each week to appear on Sophia’s Rematch team.

temtem is available for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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