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Half the fun of action-adventure games is learning new and creative ways to take down enemies. While a simple goblin mob can be defeated with nothing more than a sword slash, more powerful foes require far more effort and analysis to defeat. This is so true in the adorable tunic as it is in the games that started the genre.

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All tunic Bosses are challenging in themselves, but many find them Boss Scavenger being one of the most difficult (and frustrating) bosses in the game. This enemy has a variety of attacks, some of which require precise timing or specific moves to avoid. Regardless of whether the player plans to lean on magic or melee attacks, there are a few things every player should know when attempting to take it down Boss Scavenger.


The Boss Scavenger basics

Boss Scavenger can be one of the game’s most frustrating enemies, and many players will want to rush through combat to get it over with. There are several good ways to defeat this boss, but one of the most reliable is to take things slow and focus on defense rather than aggression. So the first important tip is to relax and approach the fight more cautiously.

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The boss’s bomb throw is easy to avoid by simply getting out of the way, and it’s important for the player to be careful when doing this, as this attack deals a tremendous amount of damage if allowed to connect. Another easy attack is Boss Scavenger kick The kick does no damage, but will knock the player backwards and knock them down if they don’t block when the attack connects, exposing them to further damage. If the boss has less than 25% health, he follows that kick with a disc Attack, so it’s important to be careful towards the end.

How to defeat the Boss Scavenger

One of Boss Scavenger The most common and most aggravating attacks are the Sliding slash. Even if the player blocks, it is possible to take damage from this attack if the player moves. Without much practice against this boss, it’s hard to tell if the Sliding slash deals damage to the player, as the response depends on when the attack actually connects. As long as the player’s shield is up and he’s moving backwards, the player usually blocks the floating slash, while moving in other directions can cause the boss’s attack to bypass the shield and damage the player. Knowing how to make the most of your weapons is crucial here.

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As is the case with similar tricky games, the player has a few options to deal with most parts of this fight. Boss Scavenger Weapon Attack, can be dodged or blocked, for example. Blocking is the more reliable option, so it should be the player’s first choice, especially since the weapon attack does great damage. There is no need to be punished unnecessarily.

The most difficult attack to avoid is Boss Scavenger ground pound, causing a damaging square wave to emanate from the point of impact. The player cannot block this attack with their shield. Instead, they must dodge the bright white section of the wave. The player can use bombs and fireballs to damage Boss Scavenger at range, and the boss often leaves opportunities for a counterattack after ending one of his own turns. Since the boss gets faster and more aggressive when it’s low on health, it can be worth saving up bombs and fireballs to make him fall faster in the end and make sure this heroic fox stays alive.

tunic is available for PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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