How To Beat The Final Boss

The last boss of cult of the Lamb has four phases with no breaks in between. While the fights are easy individually, they can wear the Lamb down to the death in the last two fights. Of course, the fights can be skipped if the lamb kneels, but that makes for a far less entertaining ending to the game.

The keys to hitting cult of the Lamb Final boss and his two bodyguards should choose weapons and curses wisely, bring as many demons as possible and have the highest possible health. There are ways players can build the cult and use specific upgrades to do so. The fight also requires a lot of patience, as it is important to dodge all attacks to ensure enough health in the closing stages.


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preparation for battle

Before approaching the final boss, prepare for the upcoming battle. Unfortunately the The player cannot face the final boss with tarot cards, special fleece, or certain crown abilities like resurrection. These preparations are all the more important. Here are some recommendations for preparing for battle:

  • Summon three Demons (done with the third Demonic Summoning Circle upgrade, which becomes available at level 5 of Divine Inspiration). Make sure one of the demons is a Hathor and the other two deal damage.
  • Receive The Hunger Crown abilityand eat a meal for a shield heart before the fight.
  • Use the brainwashing ritualthat prevents the followers from losing faith when the Lamb dies.

After preparation, it’s time to visit The One Who Waits. The Lamb may choose a weapon and a curse, each from three choices. It’s best to choose fast weapons, vampiric ones if possible, as this makes it easier to dodge attacks. When choosing a curse, keep in mind that some stages of combat have bosses that teleport. So Use a curse that’s easy to target.

Phase One: Baal

Reject the kneeling option and Baal will challenge the Lamb to battle. He has a few attacks to watch out for:

  • He will have melee attacks where he tries to hit the lamb with his staff.
  • He will Summon cultist enemies by spinning and hovering his staff.
  • The most dangerous attacks are his Summoning Chains. He can use a chain attack in three ways: a cross shape, a straight line, or a moving attack that chases the lamb.

Since Baal is only the first of four phases, Prioritize dodging to take as little damage as possible. Occasionally attack with two or three hits between his attacks. When defeated, he will drop a heart to collect.

Phase Two: Aym

As soon as Baal falls to the Lamb, the second bodyguard will rise to fight. Like his brother, he has few attacks. But unlike Baal, Aym can teleport. If he teleports, don’t chase him and attack immediately. After he teleports, he is always followed by one of the following attacks.

  • Like his brother, Aym can also summon different types of chain attacks. He will kneel and pray before the attack happens. You can chase the lamb or go in different directions.
  • Instead of cultists, Aym summons fireball rings that can chase the lamb.

The best time to do this Attack Aym is right there after finishing his fireball ring attack. He will fall to his knees and cough for a while, making him completely vulnerable to attacks. When defeated, he drops a heart.

Phase three: The one who waits

With his two disciples, The Waiting One will free himself from his chains to fight the Lamb. He uses a combination of attacks that he has previously seen on his students. like aim, he can teleport. His attacks include:

  • Summon a cross of fireballs and rotate them (stand on the edge of the arena and wait for the attack to end).
  • shoot fireball rings at the lamb.
  • summoning chains like the last two phases, but they will also form a circle around it sometimes.
  • unleashing three to four fireballs from below.

Attack The One Who Waits between his offensive moves. That The best time to attack him is when he falls to the ground and gets stuck. Like Aym’s cough, this makes him completely vulnerable to attacks.

Final phase: The one who waits

Once the lamb is done with The One Who Waits, it will transform into a far more fearsome Eldritch form. This figure has many eyes, and three of them will leave his face to fight the Lamb. The cultists of the Lamb are crucified. During this last phase, followers will lose their passion that can be collected.

The three eyes can do different things:

  • spray acid (Indicators show where the acid will land).
  • shoot fireballs in different patterns like straight lines, waves or expanding circles.
  • Move around the arena; They can do this by digging or swimming.

The three eyes share a health bar. This is a very easy fight, but since it’s the last of four phases, it can be difficult when there’s little health left. Once all Eyes are defeated, attack The One Who Waits. With his eyes destroyed and unable to move in this form, he will be completely vulnerable.

Once defeated, the player can either kill The One Who Waits or recruit him into the cult. When recruited into the cult, he becomes a unique follower this is immortal and has some special dialogue when giving quests.

cult of the Lamb is currently available on PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch.

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