How To Beat The Unstable Lumberer In Steelrising

Hey, remember Saint-Cloud, everyone? From the beginning steel crates? Well it’s back! And with all his might. This is a completely optional section of the game. You can complete it once you get all the traversal tools. It’s a fairly compact area, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some good stuff to grab.

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In fact, completing this section will give you one of the best weapons in the game. Not too shabby! While the range might be small, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to contend with a brand new unstable machine. We’ll walk you through Ile Monsieur, show you where all the treasures are and tell you how to put an end to this unstable vending machine.


Ile Monsieur

At the beginning of this stage you are on the opposite side of a broken bridge. The pier where you fought the unstable Blitzbock early in the game is on your left. However, the gate is locked. Air flow over the broken part of the bridge. You enter the stage section Ile Monsieur.

Once you get to the other side of the bridge, you can pick them up Essence of a warrior’s mind. On your left are a Shielded Lancer and a Panther automaton. There is a Vial of Stamina near her. Now find the graveyard and jump into the open hole. You are now entering the crypt of the Gondi Chapel.

Crypt of the Gondi Chapel

Down here you’ll be fighting a ball and chain machine and a standard machine. Eliminate them, then hook up on the opposite side of where you entered. You will be back in the Ile Monsieur area. That was fast!

Ile Monsieur

There will be an automatic fencer on the cliff to your left, but be careful, it’s just bait! Hidden in the bushes is an insidious snake-bodied automaton just waiting to ambush you. Once you’ve killed the two, grab the Petrification Grenades and Oil Flasks that are lying around in this area. There is a house nearby with a treasure chest next to it. Open the chest and take the Romas Partisan (which is perhaps the best halberd in the game). Turn the corner and you’ll face the unstable lumberjack.

The unstable lumberjack

If you haven’t ventured into Steelrising’s Montmartre area yet, you won’t have encountered this slot at this point. The Unstable Lumberjack is a variant of the Forger Automat. This means they have the same move where they turn their head into a swinging cudgel that hits multiple times if you get caught by it. Thankfully, you can easily dodge and dodge this attack.

While the unstable Lumberjack doesn’t have a spear like his cousin Forger, you do Still using her protocol to perform a very similar lunge stab attack. They also have a couple of horizontal swipe attacks. None of them are particularly new or interesting. Dash sideways through and around both moves, then attack the unstable lumberjack’s back.

What is however, her charging attack is new. In this attack, they charge forward and smack their log down lengthwise. They charge forward in a straight line, so make sure you sprint to the side. The charge itself also has a hitbox, so don’t try to run through it as it could end up being eaten by the charge part of this attack. Of course, running away would be a terrible mistake.

The charge attack actually has a lot of armor! This is one of the few times in the game where an enemy has been able to pull off our fully charged halberd attackso the unstable woodcutter must have an excellent balance value.

Another thing worth noting is that they have a horizontal spin attack that they use when you attack their back, which hits all the way behind them. So if you attack their back and see them raise their log over their left shoulder, they’re about to swing around and hit you. So back off if you see her doing it.

Apart from the attack attack and the rotating attack, you will fight against the unstable Lumberjack in the same way as you did against Forgers now in several stages. Dodge her bigger punches and attack her back. Just keep an eye out for these two new attacks. Once you defeat the unstable lumberjack, Loot her body to get the Bismuth Block and Module Key.

Ile Monsieur

After defeating the unstable lumberjack, kick down the gate they were guarding and take the key from the corpse. Now go to the shore. There will be an essence of a warrior’s spirit in front of a tomb. Head right on the path and you’ll fight a standard machine and a club-wielding machine. Once you’ve eliminated them, grab the bronze ingots that are sitting near the shore.

You can now open the gate leading back to the bridge. Jump over the bridge in the air and open the gate next to your carriage. You can now enter the port area and battle a bigger, badder version of the Shielded Lancer-type machine, as well as two axe-wielding machines, which are the hardest variant of the standard machine.


However, there are no real rewards to be had here. If you interact with the glittering speck near the dock and take the boat to Paris, you’ll head straight back to the Gros Caillou. And if you kick down the gate, you’re straight back to the Saint-Cloud Forest section (and no, there is nothing new to do here).

The next area, which is across from the gate you just opened, will be locked by you until you complete every single side quest in the game and complete The Bastille area. Then, and only then, can you access The Grandes Nappes area of ​​Saint-Cloud.

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