How to Blur Image Backgrounds on iPhone

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When taking photos, you want a blurred background and a clear subject in the foreground. How to blur image backgrounds on iPhone.

Do you want to take a photo with your iPhone with a blurred background? A blurred background allows you to have the subject of your photo clearly in the foreground and blur everything behind it. In many cases, it can make a meh photo look like a professional shot.

Capturing an amazing photo with a blurred background and a clear subject is easy for professionals with deep zoom DSLR cameras and a finely tuned focus ring.

With an expensive DSLR, this technique is standard for professional photographers. Getting such images with an iPhone is a bit more complicated. However, we have workarounds that you can use to do this. Here’s how to blur image backgrounds on iPhone.

How to blur image backgrounds on iPhone

To blur image backgrounds on a modern iPhone (iPhone 7 Plus and later), you can use the built-in one portrait mode to create a depth of field effect. The portrait function automatically focuses on the subject in the foreground and blurs the background.

For comparison, here’s a photo that doesn’t include the blur effect when using standard camera settings without using Portrait mode.

Blurred image backgrounds on iPhone

To use Portrait mode to take photos, do the following:

  1. open that camera App, swipe right and select portrait.Blurred image backgrounds on iPhone
  2. Position the subject within eight to eight feet of the lens.
  3. Make sure the background is at least 12 feet or more from the subject.
    Note: If you are too close, the camera will display the message “Further away”.
  4. wait for them Natural light Option to appear on screen and take your photo.Blurred image backgrounds on iPhone
  5. After taking your photo, you will see that the background of the image is blurry.Blurred image backgrounds on iPhone

Now you know how to blur picture backgrounds on your iPhone in portrait mode. The process is straightforward, but positioning your subjects for the best results can take a while.

Blur image backgrounds on older iPhone

If you have an older iPhone (without portrait mode), you can achieve a blur effect with the right placement of your camera and subject.

To get a blurred background, follow these steps:

  1. Place the subject within 30 cm of the camera lens.
  2. The iPhone’s sensor has to choose between background and close-up.
  3. Tap the subject on the screen to focus on it.
  4. Take a few shots until you have the one with the blur you want.

For example, we took this photo with an iPhone 7. It doesn’t have the noticeable blur of a modern iPhone and looks more pixelated, but does blur the background.

Blur on iPhone 7

Blur image backgrounds on iPhone with an app

However, you may have an older iPhone or you may want to add the blur effect to an older photo. So you can create a similar effect using a third party app to blur backgrounds.

There are apps for blurring the background of existing images in the app store. Some are free with in-app purchases, others, like AfterFocus, are available for a one-time purchase.

app blur

You should try a few until you find the one that works best for you. Search the App Store blur backgrounds, and several apps will appear. You can compare features and ratings, and some have a trial period.

Blurred image backgrounds on iPhone

Achieving a depth of field or blur effect on modern iPhones in portrait mode is a straightforward process, but it requires proper subject positioning. So if you have an older iPhone, you can achieve a blur effect with appropriate positioning. Or if you’re blurring backgrounds on older photos, the solution is just a few clicks away on the App Store.

You can do more than just take photos with your iPhone. For example, you can lock photos on your iPhone or take long exposure photos. The Photos app can also search for objects in photos and edit videos on your iPhone.

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