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But jeff was taken by the critter. A body gripping trap known as a conibear trap, a foothold trap or a live trap.

Havahart® Medium 2Door Easy Set® Trap (25"L X 7"W X 7”H

Bait (cantaloupe works best, but you can use other garden plants the groundhog likes) bricks or heavy stones;

How to catch a groundhog youtube. Bait is important with groundhog trapping, especially if you want the whole ordeal over and done with as soon as possible. How to trap a groundhog. Set the trap with some of the fruit in the position indicated above.

How to catch a groundhog in a box trap. Being a gardener and growing flowers and vegetables becomes a struggle when critters decide to call my home theirs. Choose a groundhog trap » trap placement » set and bait the trap » groundhog relocation »

Place the bait right in the middle of the trap. If your trap is new, you will need to age it a bit so it loses its shine. Each spring and summer my garden seems to attract a host of critters.

Some of the most successful vegetables that can be used as groundhog bait include peas, lettuce sweetcorn and string beans, while fruits such as cantaloupe, strawberries and beaches are also popular. The most effective way to remove a groundhog from your yard is with a live groundhog trap. How to catch a groundhog in a cage trap.

Rub cantaloupe juice over the trap to encourage the groundhog to enter. You can keep up with chunk and all of his adventures on instagram and youtube. Even if the dog is unable to catch this groundhog, it may scare away to never return.

Keep the bait away from the trap’s walls so that the groundhog won’t be able to reach in from the sides. Compare search ( please select at least 2 keywords ) most searched keywords. Be sure to check up on local and state regulations first to see whether you are allowed to catch a groundhog yourself or must call to have wildlife officials perform the task.

Cut cantaloupe into 2 cubes, and rub the cantaloupe juice and rind throughout the inside and outside of the trap. To trap a groundhog, start by getting a live trap and cleaning it with dish soap to remove the scent of humans. A groundhog (marmota monax)—otherwise known as a woodchuck, land beaver, or whistle pig—is a will mercilessly eat the plants in your garden until there's nothing left and will make holes all over your yard.

From groundhogs, possums and even raccoons on the larger end to squirrels, chipmunks, field mice and voles on the smaller end. Like any mammal, the groundhog can carry rabies. It has a distinct body shape with a short tail, measuring up to 22 inches.

Chunk the groundhog is a garden thief and a budding internet celebrity. Once you’ve selected the proper trap to catch a pesky groundhog, use carefully selected woodchuck lure. Whenever the groundhog comes out of its burrow to find food, the dog would chase and probably catch it.

(photo by erich boenzli) the surprise secret ingredient you’ll need to catch a groundhog. How to catch a groundhog in a trap. To trap a groundhog you have three basic trap options.

What’s more, these pesky animals have voracious appetite for the vegetables, fruits and plants growing in your garden. How to catch a groundhog in a cage. See more ideas about milk jug crafts, milk jug, crafts.

How to catch a groundhog youtube. I tried fresh melon slices, dry apricots. How to catch a groundhog best groundhog trap/ rid/remove a groundhog/woodchuck from your property.

The majority of people will want to use a live trap that will catch the groundhog in a cage, because this is the cleanest way to deal with the problem. On sunday, i sat at the dinner table with my parents as they were trying to figure out the best thing for the new cages they got to catch the groundhog that’s been making holes everywhere in the neighborhood. Woodchucks’ burrowing activities can quickly damage any home foundation.

I read upon a thread somewhere that broccoli and carrots would do the trick. In havahart® field tests, cantaloupe was the best bait for attracting groundhogs and woodchucks. These should be left in the trap in a position where the animal has to trigger the trap in order to reach the bait.

How to trap a groundhog. Woman patiently waits 3 weeks trying to rescue stray dog across the street. Setting a #160 or #220 body gripping trap or a #1 1/2 foothold trap at a burrow entrance works well but since this increases the odds of an accidental catch of a non target species, the live trap is often the.

How to catch a groundhog in live trap. It weighs up to 13 pounds. I n my blog last week, i shared with you our distress at having found a groundhog in our garden just one day before leaving for vacation.oh sure, he was cute and all…but destructive.

To quickly and effectively trap the groundhog, place logs directing the groundhog toward the trap. Chunk the groundhog) at first, jeff's friends and neighbours thought he should exterminate the pest, or at least cage and relocate it. You can also put the food under the trap to make it more difficult to get.

We put a few feet from each other leading into the cage. (photo by erich boenzli) the surprise secret ingredient you’ll need to catch a groundhog. Despite its chunky form, it gets around quickly and can even climb if necessary.

The groundhog, also known as the woodchuck or the mouse bear (because it looks like a miniature bear when sitting upright), first won its reputation as a weather prognosticator in 1886, when the editor of western pennsylvania’s punxsutawney spirit newspaper, one clymer freas, published a report that local groundhogs had not seen their shadows that day, signaling an early spring. Next, place the trap near the entrance of the groundhog hole, making sure to wear rubber gloves to avoid transferring your scent back to it. The groundhog or woodchuck is a rodent that lives primarily in central and eastern united states.

Predator urine and sounds are also ineffective. Guy plants a whole a garden for the groundhog who keeps stealing his veggies — and can't believe it when he brings his whole family over ? ?. Repellents what repellents do is to scare the groundhog away with an unpleasant taste or smell.

Block groundhogs with a fence. When a person noticed their garden veggies were being stolen, they set up a camera to catch the culprit. Of course, we have thousands of birds.

The groundhog shown in the movie groundhog day looks like a cute little creature, but, in reality, there's nothing cute about these animals. How to catch a groundhog with food. One thing that has been shown to have very positive results with groundhog trapping is cantaloupe that has been cut down to square chunks, around two inches by two inches in size.

The most commonly used trap for catching a groundhog will be the one door type that will be triggered as the groundhog enters the trap, causing the door to close behind the animal.

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Havahart® Medium 2Door Easy Set® Trap (25"L X 7"W X 7”H

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