How To Catch Feral Kittens Without Trap

This also helps prevent the kitten from squirming away from you. Also, some of them do not find it ethical to catch stray kittens with the help of traps.

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Most of really want to adopt stray kittens but find it hard to catch them as they do not have the traps.

How to catch feral kittens without trap. In fact, a soft cage bottom, with cardboard, newspaper, leaves, or a piece of carpeting, is good. But in the winter, i wanted to get the kittens in the house because of the cold. Kittens can also be used to trap their siblings in a similar fashion.

You can purchase humane traps at most box retailers, or borrow one from a veterinarian or your local animal control office. Drop traps allow you to catch a cat without having to force him into a confined space. Catching a stray cat without a trap or net.

You see i can't really use a trap because i work the whole day and i don't want the kitten to be stuck in the cage for the whole day plus i think i will just get the mother but i don't want to. Set out at least one baited trap for each cat and kitten in the family. Catch feral kitten without a trap?

Tips for successfully trap a mother cat and kittens. If you are still unable to trap a cat or if the cat has learned how to steal bait without springing the trap, consider using a drop trap, which does not rely on a trigger plate to close the trap door. Well, it's time to make a trap, fill it with cats, and shut your trap.

This will reduce the cats fear of the trap. For advice on taming and/or fostering feral or orphaned kittens consult your veterinarian. The kittens must learn to feel safe.

The cats will need to get used to eating food outside of the trap. How to lure & catch a feral cat or kitten. The next time the cat goes in to eat, the trap door will close and you’ll have your cat.

However, there are many other ways using which you can catch stray kittens without the trap. They likely won’t come get the food until you are out of site. If you manage to trap her kittens first, put them in a carrier or another box trap and place its door against the back end of the trap you plan to use to catch mom.

It is still possible to catch a feral kitten without a trap. Make sure the trap is set flush to the ground and that it doesn't wobble or rattle. I have a havahart trap but i see 2 problems with trying to use it to catch the kittens.

Sometimes you just have to wing it. You’re not usually carrying a trap with you unless, of course, you’re heading out specifically on a rescue mission. Use a trap door that will close gently but quickly and firmly after the kitten enters the trap.

Use a thick towel to pick up the kitten to protect you from scratching and biting. Place a dark sheet or towel over everything but the entrance of mom’s trap. If a trap was used, transfer the kittens to a cage or pet carrier large enough for a small litter box and bedding.

Use tasty bait, such as canned cat food, to encourage momma to enter the trap. Second, i am afraid that if one kitten does manage to trip it, another kitten might get crushed under the door when it slams shut. The safest way to trap a feral cat, or a wild animal of any kind, is to use a safe live trap, such as the havahart brand.

If you're working in a grassy or wooded area, camouflage the trap by first draping burlap on the trap's floor and over the top and sides. When you see a cat or kitten — sometimes more than one — in need of aid, you just have to make do with whatever happens to be at hand. Use a mother cat’s kittens to trap her.

Cats are very nice to humans if taken proper care. The key is to start putting out food for the feral kitten on a regular basis. We suggest that you prop open the trap door with a water bottle or other similarly sized object (like a stick) attached to a string, so you can spring the trap manually when all kittens are safely clear of the door.

Don't try to trap the kitten the first time you stop it. Kittens who are scared and alone may race to join the “other kittens” in the trap. I was wondering if anyone has an innovative way of capturing a kitten in a feral colony without using a trap.

This good how to shows a trap you can build yourself, and the necessary tequinique to catch those cats. Believe it or not, i’ve had a couple cats manage to get into the trap, take the food, and get back out without ever springing the trap door closed. I’ve found this is the easiest way to catch a feral cat.

A feral cat will feel more comfortable entering a box trap when the trap appears to be a natural part of its surroundings. If you trap multiple cats in one trap you will need to separate. The stress and anxiety for the kittens can take weeks for them to overcome.

My 6 month old kitten needs a friend and i might as well give a feral a good life rather than live on the street. Feral kittens are smart, and they will be very suspicious the first couple times you put out food. Think of the cat and kittens first.

This little cat was very feral and i had tried to catch her before (so she was “trap savvy”) and she wouldn’t go into the trap easily. Once mom and all the kittens have been seen going into the trap to eat without hesitation, only then are you ready to start the trapping project. Be careful not to allow the kittens to escape during the transfer process.

Find a video of kittens meowing and play it on your phone, then place the phone at the back of your box or drop trap. Many feral cats become shy or scared around traps or have mastered the art of removing food without triggering it, but don’t be discouraged, there are techniques you can try. For the first two days, do not attempt handling.

See if you can catch them all in separate traps. Chasing down feral kittens and grabbing them is always a bad idea, even when successful. Using a trap, i would probably get the big cats first which isn't what i want.

Ask for tips about materials at your neighborhood hardware store. If a shy kitten or a mother cat refuses to enter a trap, your cellphone may just help you out. Needing to trip the feral cat population in your neighborhood.

Place it in a small room away from family pets and children. Most brands of live trap work essentially the same way, but follow the instructions particular to the model you get. I've tried feeding them and petting them but damn kittens are fast.

We would like to catch them before they go totally feral. Some kittens can be caught without a trap but are still too wild to be handled easily. Set cat food in the back of the trap, and the pan sensitivity on light.

First i don't think the kittens are heavy enough to trip the trap. If your first attempt doesn't work, you may want to set a humane trap to catch the cat. Even if you’ve been at trapping awhile, it’s always nice to hear what other people think is the best bait for feral cats!

I need to catch at least one of the kittens that lives outside my buidling without a trap. With a cage trap a raccoon sized cage trap, usually 10x12x32 inches is best.

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