How to change Proton version on Steam Deck

Valve’s Steam Deck can run thousands of PC games pretty much anywhere. The console uses a variation of the Linux operating system instead of Windows and runs games through a compatibility layer called the Proton. Most of the time, Valve verified games play fine, but sometimes there are sneaky bugs that can be fixed by switching the Proton version.

Of course, the latest version is meant to bring all the fixes from the previous builds and more, but sometimes games get a bit unconventional with subtle changes. You can test different versions of Proton per game in your library instead of customizing your entire collection. We’ll show you how to change the Proton version on your Steam Deck and where to look for the latest compatibility notices.

How to change Proton version on Steam Deck

Features for playing Half-Life on Steam Deck (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

If you’re finding annoying bugs or performance issues with your favorite game, it’s worth checking out ProtonDB, a community-run database of leaderboards for almost every game available on Steam Deck. Users can report significant bugs and tips on how to fix them, usually by tinkering with the Proton version.

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