How To Change Shopify Store Name

While you can easily change your store name and the way it appears on your online store, you really can’t change your account url that carries your store. Select the next button afterward.

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How to change shopify store name.

How to change shopify store name. As a new shopify store owner, choosing the right name for your business can be a mammoth task. In the store name change the name to your liking; Select general from the options displayed.

To change your shopify store name, select the visit admin tab near the top left. This article will show you a step by step guide on how to change shopify store name: To do this, you will just need to purchase a new domain, add the new domain and assign it to your store in shopify, update the cname records and verify pwnership.

After you add a custom domain to shopify, then you can set your custom domain as the primary domain. As you can see, it’s impossible to simply change your shopify store’s url from one name to another. Keep in mind that updating your store name will not change your url though.

Log into shopify admin on your desktop computer. In most cases, a name change to your shopify store won’t make much of a difference. Remember to save before closing.

A store name is the first thing you choose to sign up for a store in shopify. The idea of starting a store online is alluring, but sometimes after a few days, you may want to change the store name to make it more relevant to your business or just for any other reason. When you do finally decide on a name and set up shop, it’s natural to consider a name change.

You can use your root domain or a subdomain as your primary domain, but you. Set up the new domain. Click on the general option;

Under the store details section, there is a form for your store name. By adding a homepage title and/or changing your store name, this will change the name that appears in the tab title. Buying a domain from shopify.

However, if you’re a large store with plenty of customers, you need to be careful about how you implement the change. It is possible to change your domain name at any time. To change the store name, one needs to purchase a new domain name.

If you still decide to change the name of your store, after reading the reasons why you should change your name or why you shouldn’t. Then shopify automatically generates a url for your online store. It is the new shopify store name address (url) which you want your customers to use while visiting your shopify store on the internet.

A domain is the website address, also called a url, where people can find your store on the internet. Here are 5 easy steps to alter your shopify store name: The manage section shows all the added domains thereafter.

4 steps to changing your shopify store name. To buy a domain from shopify, check out this link: This will allow you to change the title in title and meta description.

The last thing you want to do is spook your customers and have them go elsewhere because it looks like your store is behaving shady. Log into your shopify admin account. Fill in your new name at the “store detail”.

You can update your store name by going to ‘settings > general’ within your shopify admin. Click the “connect existing domain” button then type the name you want to replace. When you first create a shopify account you’re asked to choose a store name.

Click on settings at the bottom left of the page. The help doc for adding business settings for your store has more information on this and the other settings available to edit. The answer is yes, you can.

I will share more information on both below! You’ll see your current store name in the store name field. You can change your store name here any number of times.

Can i change my shopify store name? The first step if you want to is, you can change the name of your store in settings > general. This is the name that appears in the browser and in outgoing emails and so forth.

If you’ve decided on changing your store’s url just so you can create a new store with a new name, you can consider the options we presented to you in this post. My advice is to stick with the store you have now, and simply change the store name in your general settings (admin > settings > general) and then purchase/setup your new custom domain name. Additionally to the custom domain, you also have to change the actual store name within the shopify settings.

If that section is currently blank, it defaults to using your store name. Click settings on the bottom of the left navigation menu. With a custom domain name, you can have the url be something like, and your site's visitors won't see url.

Follow these steps to change your store name in shopify: How to change the name of your shopify store? Look for your store name and edit (or change) it.

While it is not possible to change store url, there are still some things you can change, like your store name and you can buy a custom domain. Go to your shopify admin page; So, can you change your shopify domain name?

The home page title will supersede your store name, so keep that in mind when editing. 3) change the store name in the settings. Can i change my shopify store name?

Changing your shopify domain name To change your store name: This domain is initially set as your primary domain.

Change shopify store name via the shopify admin website. 5 steps to change your shopify store name step no.

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