How to Clip a YouTube Video to Share

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and wanted to share a specific part of it? With the convenient clip function, you can select the desired part of a YouTube video and then easily share it.

We will show you how to cut a YouTube video to share, as well as limitations or limitations of the function. Luckily, you can use the feature on the YouTube website along with the mobile app.

Restrictions and details for YouTube clip feature

The clip function must be enabled by the video creator. If you see a video without a clip button that meets the requirements below, the creator probably doesn’t allow it.

You cannot create clips from the following materials:

  • Videos shorter than two minutes from news channels or for children.
  • Live streams without a DVR or for over eight hours.
  • Premieres while they’re live.

To create a clip, you must be signed in to your YouTube account. Once you create the clip, it’s public. It may appear “on select search, detection, and analytics interfaces.” This means that anyone who has access to it can see your clip along with the original video. The creator of the original video can also view the clip.

The length of the clip you create must be between five and 60 seconds.

How to truncate a YouTube video on the web

Visit YouTube in your web browser, log in and select a video to create your clip. Then follow these steps to create the clip.

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  1. Choose clip button below the video.
  1. This opens the Create clip area on the right. The video will continue to play. So if you find it’s easier to create your clip without playing, you can pause the video while you work on the clip.
  1. Add a description or title for the clip up to 140 characters.
  2. If you have specific start and end times that you want the clip to use, you can enter them in the fields below. Otherwise use the slider.
  3. Drag the left side of the blue slider to the start point of the clip and the right side to the end point. You will see a red line inside the strip for the video’s current position.
  1. You can also drag the entire blue section of the slider left or right, or the filmstrip in the background, to record a different section of video with the same start and end times.
  2. When you’re done with the clip, select share clip.
  1. You can then share it on social media like Facebook or Twitter, email it, get the embed code for your website, or copy and paste the link if needed.
  1. Use the X at the top right of the share window when you’re done.

Access your YouTube clips on the web

To view the clips you created, select library in the left menu. On the right, scroll down to your clips Section.

To quickly split or delete a clip, select three points right and select an action.

To watch a clip, share it, or view the entire video, select the clip.

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How to trim a YouTube video on mobile app

It’s just as easy to create a clip in the YouTube app on Android or iPhone. Open the app and select the video.

  1. Select the clip Button that appears below the video.
  2. Add a description or title for the clip.
  3. Drag the left side of the slider to the start point of the clip and the right side to the end point. You will see a red line inside the strip for the video’s current position.
  4. Once you’ve set the start and end times, you can also drag the entire blue area of ​​the slider or the filmstrip in the background to record a different part of the video.
  1. When you’re done with the clip, select share clip.
  2. Share it on social media, email it, share it via SMS, or copy the YouTube link and paste it where you want.

Access your YouTube clips in the mobile app

To view your video clips on the mobile app, go to library tab and select your clips. Tap the three points next to a clip to share or delete it. Alternatively, you can select a clip to open and then watch, share, or open the full video.

With this tiny part of video editing, you can create a clip of a long video that your friend or family member will enjoy. You can also use the feature for instructional clips, music, or a cooking lesson from your favorite YouTube channel.

Now that you know how to crop a YouTube video for sharing, take a look at our tutorial on customizing the featured videos you see.

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